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A New Entrant for Most Misleading Op-ed

By May 1, 2023Commentary

David Brooks, who claims to be a moderate but in reality is a complete Dem cheerleader, no matter how crazy the policies, wrote a recent opinion piece in the New York Times which is a new leader in the most misleading analysis contest.  He acknowledged that all the whacked Dem-lead states are losing population to Republican states, without actually explicitly saying it is because of the Dem policies, then said but it isn’t what it looked like because the population is moving to urban areas in states like Texas and Florida, and those urban areas are run by Democrats.  That is simply complete inexcusable ignorance or an intentional effort to mislead.  In fact, many larger urban areas in both states are run by Republicans, Miami for example.  But more importantly, in both states, it isn’t the core political urban area that is having the high growth; it is the surrounding suburbs and ex-burbs, which are independent political entities, almost all of which are run by Republicans.  And it is the tax-friendly, business-friendly, family-friendly statewide policies that are the primary reason people are moving.  It is pure bullshit to suggest that people are fleeing progressive hellholes to find progressive islands in the southern states; they are moving to escape those policies and they are moving to areas with conservative state and local governance.  (NYT Op-ed)

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