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Yeah, Those CO2 Levels Are Really Unprecedented

By April 27, 2023Commentary

One of the biggest lies told by climate extremists is that the earth is warmer than it has ever been and that CO2 levels are higher than ever.  Both pathetic lies.  We aren’t even at the warmest temperature or highest CO2 levels for this interglacial periods.  (By the way, not likely to happen in our lifetimes, but we are nearing the end of the typical interglacial period and nothing we do is going to stop the cold from coming back, very soon in geological terms.)   This chart shows CO2 levels over hundreds of millions of years.  You can see that our current era is actually at an extremely low level.  Pass this kind of info around, people who just swallow the climate whacko propaganda will be astounded.  Show them some of the ice core data as well.  Why does this scam persist?  Because it helps lunatics get elected and because rich people get even richer off of “green” subsidies.

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  • Don Carrera says:

    For the last 10 years, I’ve shown this graph to 7th graders during a dinosaur-fossil presentation. Three million years ago, advanced animal life came perilously close to extinction when the CO2 level bottomed out near 200 ppm, near to the limit for plants to reproduce.

    Thankfully, we, or aliens?, or climate, or God, intervened to save us. Since then, CO2 levels have started to recover and increase the fertilizer level so that plants can flourish.

  • Diana Roeder says:

    Thanks for the wonderful chart of geological history and the CO2 levels in each period. I didn’t know the levels, but they don’t surprise me.

  • MLR says:

    Unfortunately, facts don’t matter. Remember what Sleepy Joe said: “We choose truth over facts!”

    • DuluthGuy says:

      I finally had some down time this past weekend after a crazy work schedule the last few months. I watched a show on the rise of Hitler in the 1920’s and 30’s. One thing that caught my attention was a statement that Hitler made that truth isn’t something that you prove with facts and evidence, but something you believe. That made me think of when Biden made that statement a few years ago and also it seems to be the path Democrats in general take today.

  • John Oh says:

    The lunatics are on to nitrogen now. Determined to starve third world people that need to import grain from places like Canada, Netherlands. This is sheer malice with little relation to science or any connection at all with human suffering.

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