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Minnesota Contributes to DEI Fraudulent Research

By April 25, 2023Commentary

I mentioned recently that social “sciences” research is at this point in time largely ideological and fraudulent.  DEI research has a particular problem in that regard.  And oops, of course the University of Minnesota will contribute more than its share of crooked garbage to support that destructive ideology.  Somewhat hilariously, the research in question supposedly related to structural racism at the University.  It was basically made up.  Now I think the University of Minnesota is structurally racist–it discriminates blatantly against white applicants and students and probably Asian ones as well.  It is a pathetic ideological hellhole which contributes nothing to the state, nothing.  (Blaze Story)

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  • Dave K says:

    The managed decline of our country via Division Exclusion and Injustice

  • DuluthGuy says:

    I remember seeing a job posting for this department a few years ago with a starting salary of something like $300k. I thought it was a misprint so I looked into it a bit more and there was no mistake. I’d be curious how departments like that get started and who has to approve it.

    Unrelated, but this is still my favorite story in regard to social sciences at the university level. A lot of social sciences are simply made up and produce no benefit for society at all.

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