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Return to (In)sanity

By April 22, 2023Commentary

I was in Spain and Portugal for a couple of weeks.  People there think the US has gone bonkers.  They are right.  I came back yesterday through JFK.  People at airports and train stations in Europe are very polite and helpful.  The staff at JFK is surly and dismissive, when they are not looking at their phones.  Delta, you have a problem.  Then I get home to find that Minnesota, which has gone full lunatic, is going to take kids away from their parents at a very young age and allow them to have sexual mutilation surgery.  All so Childrens Hospital here in town can rake in millions of dollars.  Our spittle-spewing clown of a governor threatens anyone who questions his idiocy, watching him creates echoes of mid-20th century dictators, one in particular whose name began with H.  If you doubt me, go watch some speeches and then watch Little Timmy’s rant against any Republican who dared attack his agenda.  In any event, makes you want to move to Spain or Portugal.

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  • dell says:

    Full lunatic.

    Actually its the rapid unanticipated disassembly of the American system of values; the way we live coming apart; becoming something else..

    Add open borders as a significant underlying cause.

    America was mostly British plus some Swedes, Germans, Irish and a few others. They were all pretty much the same.

    Not so much of that is evident today.

    For example, Kevin came back to almost an entirely different country.

    Minneapolis this week passed an ordnance allowing Muslims to broadcast their call to prayer five times a day.

    Blaring their rants five times a day!

    There is no where to hide. Complaints not allowed.

    Convert or else!

    Essentially, we’ve been taken over.


  • Roberto says:

    I laugh every time you mention Little Timmy Walz because I always get an image of some annoying kid terrorizing the neighborhood on his tricycle.

  • DuluthGuy says:

    Up is down, down is up, right is wrong, etc. It never seems to end and is getting more absurd every day. The elites pushing all of this trans nonsense know full well that it’s complete BS, as do most people who claim to agree with it (because they’re afraid of being shunned by their liberal friends). And it’s only going to get worse. They’ll move on to something even more absurd next.

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