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People Just Make Sh*t Up and It Gets Believed by Whacked Progressives

By April 16, 2023Commentary

I have to interrupt my overseas vacation to comment on this.  Because it isn’t an isolated instance.  There is no such thing as credible social sciences research or frankly, much research of any type.  As the universities become increasingly one-flavor ideological factories, they are full of incompetents who couldn’t do good research anyway, but who are only interested in outcomes that support their insane beliefs.  This story is the tip of the iceberg, I assure you.  This professor knew that what was wanted was more evidence of the deeply racist society we live in.  The data weren’t showing that, so he just made it up.  What is deeply racist right now is giving people jobs, including degrees and professorships, solely on the basis of race and other characteristics and not on the basis of skill, knowledge, experience, capabilities, neutrally and objectively determined.  And this racism and sexism and sexual orientationism permeates our entire higher educational system now, so you can’t trust anything that comes out of it.  And people complain about DeSantis trying to clean this mess up in Florida’s universities?  They should be following his lead and congratulating him for restoring sanity and trust.  (NY Post Story)

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