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April 2023 CV-19 Data Update

By April 10, 2023Commentary

Here is our latest, and potentially last, update on Minnesota’s CV-19 data.  Activity is very low, in large part because the cessation of obsession means we just aren’t over-attributing everything to CV-19.  And it is very clear that being vaxed makes little difference in infection rates.

Dave’s notes:

  1. This post is an update to the Covid vaccination breakthrough data table and charts for the overall Minnesota population published on 3/08/2023 here: This week’s update adds data through the week starting 3/12/2023, published by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) on 4/06/2023. There are very minor revisions to the past weeks’ data, as is typical.
  2. The breakthrough data files are available from MDH here, , in the notes under the graphic images.
  3. Fig. 1, Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths Per Week: This table displays the total cases, hospital admissions, and deaths that occurred each week among the unvaccinated, vaccinated but not boosted, and vaccinated and boosted populations. The boosted continue to have the majority of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, as has been the case for many weeks.
  4. Fig. 2, Covid Cases Per Week : Cases continue the long decline since May 2022.
  5. Fig. 3, Covid Hospital Admissions Per Week: Hospital admissions, especially among the boosted, have declined dramatically since December 2022. It is peculiar that hospital admissions were flat or rising throughout much of the second half of 2022 while cases were gradually decreasing.
  6. Fig. 4, Covid Deaths Per Week: Deaths, also especially among the boosted, have also declined greatly since December 2022, mirroring the pattern seen in Covid hospital admissions.
  7. MDH defines the fully vaccinated (what we have termed vaccinated but not boosted) as those who have not received a booster after completing their primary vaccination series, and had been vaccinated at least 14 days prior to testing positive.
  8. MDH defines the boosted as those who have received any additional vaccination shots after completing their primary vaccination series, and also received the booster at least 14 days prior to testing positive. In addition, booster doses were only counted after 8/13/2021, the date the CDC first began recommending booster shots.

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  • dell says:

    The State of Minnesota and the Federal Government including Congress and various agencies provided Covid money incentives to the healthcare industry. The CDC was and is a primary funder as is the U.S. Treasury Department. Three days ago, on Wednesday, Governor Walz said the State provided a 20% incentive for Covid treatments.

    Some would label it bribing or prostituting healthcare.

    These are payments incentivizing Covid practices in the healthcare industry,including doctors, clinics, hospitals, et at., these include payments to the insurance companies beyond the normal payments for healthcare.

    I’ve seen reports amounts into the $$ trillion.

    We know that, “At this time, all COVID-19 vaccine in the United States has been purchased by the federal government for administration exclusively by enrolled providers through the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program.”

    We know that, The American Rescue Plan provides $350 billion, “in the form of the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds program.”

    “During the COVID-19 plandemic, our government constantly told us to “trust our doctors” and “ask our doctors about COVID-19 vaccines.” However, we weren’t told that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) teamed up with insurance companies to financially incentivize doctors and healthcare providers to push vaccines on their patients through the COVID-19 Vaccination Provider Program. Only healthcare providers who signed up for this program could administer the clot shot.”
    Read more:

    The public needs to see how much money has gone to individual insurance companies, and to healthcare doctors, clinics, hospitals, et al.

    We desperately need that additional report when showing the Covid data.

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