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Who Owns Little Timmy Walz and Minnesota Policy?

By April 6, 2023Commentary

Earlier this year I pointed out that the Dem party is the part of rich ideologues.  It gets its funding almost exclusively from a few rich people who buy political candidates like they buy their tenth house, it is a vanity purchase.  Minnesota is no exception.  The Rep party here is funded largely by small donors.  The Dem party by rich people, many having no connection to the state, and by the government unions.  They literally own Little Timmy Walz and they buy policy.   This chart, courtesy of the Center for the American Experiment, shows exactly who owns Minnesota.  Note the presence of a Rockefeller heir, Alida Messenger, George Soros, who is in the running for worst human on the planet, and Pritzker, the Illinois piece of scum governor and billionaire.  The list is just the people who gave over $200,000.  There are many other rich donors and together they account for almost all DFL funding.  Because it is the party of rich ideologues, the DFL outspends the Republican party by at least 5 to 1, allowing it to spread every kind of lie throughout the state.

We need a law right now that bans any out-of-state contributions to state races, bans contributions by anyone other than an individual donating on their own behalf, and limits donations to $500 at most.  This would mean that the average person might actually have a say in elections and policy and would help eliminate the dominance of the rich.

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