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Another Example of Why You Can’t Trust Most Climate “Data”

By April 6, 2023Commentary

There is some bad health care research and data, but nothing like climate “science” which is simply chock-full of made-up data and models which torture the data til the desired answer appears.  Anthony Watts is the founder of the Watts Up With That website which provides a more balanced look at climate and weather-related data.   In a recent post he points out that on such a basic metric as temperature, there is no single highly trustworthy data set.  Most have been heavily “adjusted” by academic or government sources, with the adjustments always somehow seeming to favor more warmth than the raw data shows.  As Anthony says, there is one high-quality network in the US, in operation since 2005, the US Climate Reference Network, and it shows no sign of warming, so of course, the government never refers to it and buries the results.  Kind of hard to have good policy when you have lousy data.  (WUWT Post)

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