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Woke Medicine Kills

By April 5, 2023Commentary

I have made the point repeatedly, which really can’t be refuted, that progressive ideologues have corrupted every facet of American life, thereby diminishing the quality of that life.  This has certainly reached health care and medical schools are not admitting the best and brightest or training them to treat patients as individuals.  So we increasingly have less competent physicians and other clinicians.  And patients will pay the price with more botched care that kills or injures them.  Except that the medical licensing boards responsible for disciplining inept doctors are also full of ideologues who will ignore the harm caused by those they favor.  And we have ideologue judges and prosecutors who will find ways to excuse the bad outcomes caused by these favored groups.  So good luck finding good health care.  This chart shows what is just the beginnings of a health care disaster for America’s patients.

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