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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 203

By April 3, 2023Commentary

One phenomenon explored in regard to CV-19 was whether immune responses invoked by an earlier coronavirus infection helped fend off CV-19.  This has been of particular interest in regard to children, who clearly have far less serious CV-19 infections.  This new paper finds that children have early and frequent exposure to OC43, one of the seasonal coronviruses and the one closest to CV-19, and these exposures do lead to cross-reactive activity in regard to CV-19.  (PNAS Paper)

I am heartless, so people probably aren’t surprised that to some extent I have mocked the notion of “long” CV-19.  We have a lot of malingerers in our society and a lot of people who just can’t handle any adversity.  The study of younger people finds that half of those who complain of long CV-19 symptoms never even had the disease.  This is consistent with other research that if you ask any group of people about a number of generalized “symptoms” they will say they had them.  (JAMA Article)

This study from Great Britain looked at medication data to ascertain whether and how cardiovascular care changed during the epidemic.  There was a decline in the prescribing of high blood pressure meds, with almost 500,000 fewer patients treated than expected.  The authors noted that this likely will lead to more serious disease and earlier deaths.   (Nature Med. Article)

There can’t be anyone who seriously thinks that the CV-19 vax have high levels of effectiveness over any extended period of time.  One more piece of research, from Hong-Kong, supports this finding.  People who were tested to determine whether they had a prior CV-19 infection so that there was more clear finding of the effect of vax.  During the Omicron wave, about 45% of the population became infected.  While initial effectiveness was already low at 50% to 70%, it lessened within three months to 35% or less, depending on the vax.  That is basically no protection.  (Nat. Med. Study)

How quickly we forget all the dumb and expensive stuff done during the epidemic, one of which was contact tracing and testing.  Made absolutely zero difference in lowering transmission.  And this article finds that it actually likely greatly over-estimated the rate of household transmission, frightening families.  (JID Study)


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