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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 202

By March 31, 2023Commentary

The world is insane so to divert myself, I am going to do a few CV-19 research summaries.

The body is going to create a better immune response following CV-19 infection than following vaccination.  That is just a fact.  And one reason is shown by this study.  Vax generates almost no antibody response in the mucosal tissues–where exposure first occurs and where a potential infection can be quickly eliminated, while infection generates a strong antibody response in the upper respiratory tract.  (Medrxiv Paper)

It is funny how you just have to keep debunking nonsense about ivermection, HCQ and vitamin D.  Here is a randomized study finding that large doses of vitamin did nothing to either prevent infection or minimize symptoms.   On the other hand the doses did help remedy a vitamin D deficiency, which is linked to health issues.  (SSRN Study)

More on vax safety issues.  This very large study from England examines risk of general death and death from cardiovascular event following CV-19 infection or vax in those aged 12 to 29, where there appears to be a higher risk of vaccine induced heart inflammation.  The study compared events in the 12 weeks after vax or infection with a reference period.  A CV-19 infection is associated with a greater risk of cardiac or all-cause death among both vaxed and unvaxed young people.  For women, the non-mRNA vaccines were associated with a somewhat greater risk of cardiac death following the first dose.   (Nature Article)

This research letter reports on cardiovascular events in regard to the bivalent booster compared to the original booster.  It was a population based study from France examining those 50 and over.  The bivalent vaccine had no higher level of events than the monovalent one, but more importantly if you look at the very small number of events in the 21 days following administration, you can see that they are no higher than the background rate.  (JAMA Article)

Adverse event is a scary sounding term, so this study from Greece finding that over 90% of vax recipients experienced an adverse event seems bad, until you look at what they were.  The most common was my shoulder got a little sore.  The vast majority of the rest were the same kind of thing.  The study was survey-based, so not highly reliable, but no indication was found of any signficant number of truly serious adverse events.  (Medrxiv Paper)


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