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And Then There is This…

By March 31, 2023Commentary

One of the reasons I despair for our country is that people who should know better and who are inclined toward conservative values and policies increasingly fall for whacked conspiracy theories and espouse views and support candidates that are never going to win over a majority of Americans.  While I hate to embarrass a reader, here is a comment:

“I’m glad you can finally see this. Took you awhile. Do you now see how this is the goal of the WEF? Including the planned covid virus to scare & control mass amounts of sheep. Now if you could only see how corrupt Ukraine is….”

This kind of looney tunes conspiracy crap is why we don’t win and why progressive nuts are in charge of the country.  Get a grip and use your brains.  We will never, ever turn things around if we fall far and spout this lunacy.

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  • John Oh says:

    Why does it always go in this direction? This kind of stuff hurts conservatives, but sex can be changed, the climate can be controlled, pronouns and all the other stuff never seems to cost a democrat a vote. Or am I missing something?

  • Dave K says:

    There’s public video of the wef practicing for a p(l)andemic response shortly before the 2020 hysteria that shut down our country, handing over control to unelected entities. There are all sorts of theories that we can consider and weigh against available facts. While normal people don’t lust for power and control, there are definitely people who do and many of those attend the wef.

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