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Wait, Dems Are Concerned About Fake Voters?

By March 30, 2023Commentary

I can’t let this pass without comment.  A story in the local toilet paper source, the Minneapolis StarTribune, reveals that Minneapolis DFL party officials have disqualified a lot of delegates, i.e. voters, because their identities could not be verified.  How can this be, the Dems have been telling us forever, that anyone should be able to make up any voter they want and as many as they want and never be challenged to prove identification or eligibility to vote.  It is just hilarious to read this story.  Now here is the back story–this is only an issue because it affects the race involving Keith Ellison’s son.  Ellison is our despicable attorney general, who does nothing about crime or drug trafficking, but goes after average citizens who don’t toe the whacked progressive line.  And he isn’t going to let his son down, I am sure he will be in there suing about ineligibility to vote, etc.  His son of course, is equally despicable in his policies, and I suspect personal life.  May have learned women-abusing from his Dad.  But this is a glorious example of karma.  (Strib Story)

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