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Gee, Why Could People Possibly Want to Leave Minnesota

By March 30, 2023Commentary

The states of Florida and Texas are seeing immense population growth.  Minnesota not so much.  Minnesotans are voting with their feet and leaving the state.  A new report from the Census Bureau reveals that the state had basically no growth from July 2021 to July 2022, which is two years in a row with zero growth in population.  In fact, the state has experienced more residents leaving the state than moving in for ten to twelve years, a period that you may notice coincides with the Democrat takeover of the state and extreme tax and spending increases.  Only the fact that births exceeds deaths prevents an absolute population loss.  Hennepin and Ramsey counties, our core metro areas, each actually lost population.  While officials try to claim the population loss is due to work location changes resulting from the epidemic, that is bullshit.  People are fed up with crime in the cities, with high taxes and poor services in the state, and with the increasing ideological indoctrination in education and all facets of life.  Where are Minnesotans going?  It isn’t California, New York, Illinois or other Democrat strongholds, all of which suffered massive population losses.  It is likely Texas and Florida, each of which show astounding population growth of over 500,000 people in the same period.  And what age group is leaving.  It is the 20-29 year olds.  Apparently young workers aren’t that fond of the tax environment either.   Little Timmy’s radical policies will only drive even greater population and taxable income loss in future years.   (Strib Story)

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  • Matt says:

    Interesting age bracket leaving. I would venture to guess the wacko school stuff has just as much to do with the exodus. My family and I will be out of Minnesota in June, destination: Wyoming. I’m late thirties with kids approaching middle school. Last year MN charged us $31k income tax for the pleasure of living within its boundaries. This year all they will get is some property and sales tax, and next year they will get nothing. Our kids will enjoy much greater tolerance for Christian perspectives in and out of school, and we won’t have to worry about freezing to death when the zero carbon nightmare arrives… the surprise to me is why more families aren’t leaving faster.

  • dell says:

    We all know why people are leaving; but few will say it. This morning’s WCCO radio had the state demographer on and he said the reason Hennepin, Ramsey, and Dakota counties were shrinking was because in-migration (open borders, refugees, illegal aliens, sanctuary cities) has not been adequate to replace all those who are leaving.

    He and WCCO’s Vineta Sawker refused to connect the matter: people are leaving because of the immigration people policies (and lack of law enforcement, etc!)

    So let’s look at language using the Sierra Club’s language; it is literally a template for the media (StarTribune, WCCO, et al) and local politicians.

    For example, in this massively environmentally destructive overpopulated land, this once-upon-a-time environmental champion says to avoid using the words, “overpopulation, carrying capacity, sustainability, population stabilization, migrant, and illegal immigrant.”

    And, here’s probably one of their favorites; one of the most egregious language changes: “Avoid using the term “Americans.”

    Surprisingly the Sierra Club still says, “Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet.”

    But not what’s been lost and being lost every day because of mass immigration driven population increases -notably U.S.! :<(

    What the following indicates is that there is and has been a massive extremely well funded and scripted program to change American society -and it's people. It explains much of what we read, hear and see on TV, and radio, and newspapers; and many states and Congress. This is not happenstance. They define the terms used in any media and communication. We see it all the time. It all started many years ago with the $104+ million bribe.

    Here's the Sierra Club's accepted language. It's a template used by other enviros and the media.

    How the Sierra Club Learned to Love Immigration

    Oh my, note good o'l tacky Cathy is used. (To understand this sentence, you will need to know some old Sierra Club population change information.)

    SC Policy:

    "The Moral Case Against Equity Language", George Packer, The Atlantic, April 2023. (This is the direct cite, url.)

    "Sierra Club's Equity Language Guide"

    At p21 there is a list of SC "appropriate words and the Spanish translation!"


    "Many members and leaders of the Sierra Club, have used concern about “overpopulation” as a pseudo-scientific justification for racist and xenophobic policies to limit both immigration and reproductive freedom."


    "Today, the Sierra Club supports immigration reform policies that create a path to citizenship for all residents of the United States."

    Note the lists of acceptable and wrong language.


    " Whether we’re ghost-writing an op-ed or drafting a tweet lifting up the voices of community partners, " (**ghost-writing an op-ed!!)

    * "The Sierra Club always capitalizes Black when referring to race or ethnicity.
    * "white
    „ "Do not capitalize the word “white.” Doing so risks the perception that Sierra Club is aligned with organized white supremacy. Some argue that by not capitalizing white, whiteness is designated as the default. This is a good conversation to have, but at this time the Sierra Club does not capitalize white to avoid the appearance of allying with organized white supremacy."

    An interesting read is: "Racism and White Supremacy, Organized White Supremacy" and "Systemic Racism and White Supremacy Culture."

    "The term “white supremacist terrorism” is the most accurate way to describe acts of violence by white nationalists."

    The heart of the matter.
    Note the attacks on traditional American culture, Judaeo-Christian religions and U.S. history. It also shows why Ramadan is now being celebrated in U.S. schools.

    "Avoid referring to “citizens” when possible."
    "Avoid using the term “Americans.
    "Avoid using “voter” … Using ‘voters’ is exclusionary because not everyone has the right to vote. „ Instead, try using: community members, residents, activists."

    They are trying to remove the language from the horrors of war from common use; eliminate the honorable role of the soldier. The SC is very disrespectful!
    "Utilizing this language in reference to our work is disrespectful to those who have lived this sacrifice. It also risks making our work seem illegitimate to many readers, viewers, and listeners — especially those who have served in uniform and to civilians who are survivors of war and conflict."

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