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Tim Walz’ Minnesota Sucks

By March 19, 2023Commentary

The US has a number of failed and flailing states–California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey come to mind as prominent examples.  They have one thing in common–longstanding one-party rule, with that party getting increasingly whacked in its policy over time.  Power apparently emboldens craziness.  My home state–Minnesota–has been ruled by Democrats for over 12 years, going on 16, and it is going down the full lunacy path, making our state bird inadvertantly appropriate.  The effects of reckless taxing and spending policy are becoming apparent.  Minnesota is losing working age population and the loss is accelerating.  We are losing high-income persons, who pay most of our exorbitant tax burden.  We are losing businesses and our GDP growth is slow.  It will only get worse.

We recently gained national attention for our bird-brained lieutenant governor’s comments on child transgender garbage, more on which I will post shortly.  But that is the tip of the iceberg in regard to the crazy policies this administration is foisting on Minnesota.  All this is being done with a one-vote majority in the state Senate and that vote was won by a couple of hundred votes.  But never fear, among other thing the lunatic party is taking steps to institutionalize its routine voter fraud–allowing illegal aliens to vote, encouraging futher ballot harvesting abuse, just plain making up voters and votes, so that the party will never lose power.

State government here has gotten increasingly incompetent as it focuses on hiring the right people based on skin color, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation and above all, willingness to follow the progressive political orthodoxy.  So if you went department by department in state government, you will find a steady decline.  Our highways and other infrastructure are worse. We are spending billions, and billions more than budgeted, on a light rail system that no one uses for fear of crime.   Our health and health care is worse.  Crime is rampant, there is no effort to stop large scale drug dealing, carjacking, assaults, murders.  Electricity rates have doubled in the last few years and we have been set on the course of having no reliable energy sources at all.  We have allowed massive theft of government funds.  And worst of all, our children’s learning and educational experience has plummeted, as teachers are not just trained, but forced to be indoctrinators.  It is a disgrace in a state that once prided itself on clean, inexpensive, effective government.

Our governor, Little Timmy Walz, the Incompetent Blowhard hisself, is a coward, a weasel, a thug.  Somewhat hilariously, if you have a bent for dark humor, he justified his recent order making Minnesota a child mutilation sanctuary by saying we don’t tolerate bullies.  This from the asshole who has institutionalized bullying of children, who during the epidemic prosecuted small businesses just trying to make a living, who threatened families who dared celebrate holidays together.  This piece of living pond scum is among the most despicable politicians in America.

Living here makes you wonder what it will take for people to reject this regressive progressivism.  To call what we are living through here progress is typical Democrat misuse of language.  Whatever euphemistic label they come up, you can be sure that reality is the opposite.  Minnesota has been set on a course that will be difficult to reverse.

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  • Kevin R. says:

    Spot on Kevin

    • Ann Margrock says:

      You nailed it! Transplant Walz & Ellison, including the entire MN depravity party now in majority are purposely destroying MN, to line their pockets with legal money laundering from George Soros, Planned Parenthood. Public School System, etc. There is also rampant election fraud before and since the Norm Coleman & Al Franken campaign. Now they practically legalized voter fraud, while simultaneously giving felons their right to vote for their ‘get out of jail free card’.

  • D says:

    I completely understand your anger and disappointment seeing a previously good state go bad. The pandemic exposed how problematic Minnesota was compared to its neighbor states. I would encourage you to stay on the data points and I do agree with the cursewords you use, but as a source of data, I would recommend avoiding it. I fear for the children who are given free lunches and surgeries as it won’t end well and I don’t think kids will find happiness with medical procedures. Please keep informing others and I hope we don’t have to flee a state that has abandoned us. This used to be a good place to raise a family. I don’t think that is true in the cities anymore. It’s a sad step backwards lately.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    Out here in Los Angeles, I am very familiar with the leftist mindset. They believe they are saving the world. They believe the modern world can be run on unicorn farts. They believe they, and only they, are right and just, that everyone else are evil cretins. They believe police cause discord and criminality. They believe theft is righteous redistribution of wealth. They believe making schools stupider will lead to social justice. They believe homeless drug addicts are our fault, because we haven’t thrown enough money at them. They believe we are so privileged, that we must bear every public expense until we are brought low. They believe men can be women, and women can be men. They believe that MLK was fundamentally wrong and Ibram Kendi fundamentally right (though they won’t say the first part out loud.) They believe saying anything which contradicts a single word of their insanity should be banned, and the speaker should be ostracized, bankrupted, and imprisoned. They believe everyone to the right of Mao is racist, homophobic, misogynist, fascist, -ist, -ist, -ist; while they are the enlightened. They believe their enlightenment means it is self obvious that they should rule and everyone else should bow.

    Why do we live here, again?

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