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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 200

By March 16, 2023Commentary

It would be an understatement to say the epidemic led to significant issues around death certificates at attribution of death to CV-19.  These issues were not isolated to the US. This study from France suggests that many supposed CV-19 deaths in that country were not actually due to it.  The study notes the contradictory statistics showing that alleged CV-19 deaths were far higher than the increase in total deaths and finds that deaths primarily due to other causes, like cancer and and circulatory system diseases, decreased but were mislabeled.    (Medrxiv Paper) 

One thing the epidemic has taught me is that you have to constantly restate the obvious to even public health and medical experts.  One obvious truism is that after any serious acute medical episode, people are likely to suffer lingering symptoms and that other pre-existing medical issues may be exacerbated by the acute medical episode. this applies to CV-19 as well.  So the notion that “long” CV-19 is somehow unique is just garbage.  The most meaningful research would be to compare long-term consequences from CV-19 with those from other acute episodes, particularly other respiratory infections.  This study looked at “long” CV-19 in the Medicare population.  About six-tenths of a percent of beneficiaries allegedly had a long CV symptom, with the rate highest among nursing home residents.  (Medrxiv Study)

Our children, especially adolescents, are in big trouble in the US.  One sign of this is a dramatic increase in the mortality rates for this group.  The rise is driven largely by homicides, suicides and drug and alcohol overdoses.  I have pointed out repeatedly the obvious truth–these deaths are caused by public school indoctrination efforts, including spewing racial divisiveness, gender and sexual orientation confusion, freaking children out about non-existent climate change, and generally creating a sense of hopelessness.  (JAMA Article)

Speech disorder diagnoses more than doubled during the epidemic among young children, according to a study from a private company.  This is due to masks and school closures.  (Komodo Report)

This study also examined the decline in mental health among children and adolescents resulting from epidemic responses.  The finding is obvious.  I would just like to quote the conclusion, which is somewhat ironic given all the bullshit spewed by this same publication about why we needed to shut everything down–“public policy should consider the economic impacts on families due to pandemic containment measures, in part to protect child mental health”.  (JAMA Article)

I don’t know why people even do vax effectiveness research any more, especially since almost everyone is confounded by having had at least one CV-19 infection.  It is an obvious fact now that the vax have some effectiveness shortly after injection, but that drops rapidly.  Clearly pointless and a waste of money to keep pushing further shots.  (JAMA Article)

Blood clots are a potential risk due to CV-19 infection, but the risk is relatively small, although higher for the elderly and males.  (JAMA Article)


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