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Pay Attention to How Progressives Are Turning Us into China

By March 11, 2023Commentary

China is the ultimate dystopian regime, using technology to track every single citizen’s movements, actions and thoughts every moment of every day.  The results are used to determine the quality of the person’s life.  Those who do not express sufficient gratitude and obeisance to the state and its supreme leader are punished.  There is no freedom, none; there is no humanity.  Pro(re)gressives are trying to accomplish the same thing in the US.  They have a whacked woke ideology that everyone must hew to, our children must be indoctrinated in it, anyone who strays from full-throated support must lose their job, their friends; they must be banished, imprisoned, executed.  They want this ideology to be supported and spread by the large technology and media companies that dominate our daily lives.  Until the Twitter files were released, most of us had little idea how aggressively the US government was working to coerce (in some cases, in others the whackos working at the companies were eager to help) these firms into enforcing the prevailing ideology and narrative and suppress alternative views and punish promulgators of those alternative views.

Scott Johnson on Powerline has written extensively on the Twitter revelations.  At a Congressional hearing this week, Democrats beclowned themselves advocating for censorship.  Michael Schellenberg is a very rational person who testified at the hearing and he has been extremely eloquent in raising the alarm about what these government efforts mean for our democracy and society.  You should read this piece carefully in its entirety to understand how pernicious this threat is and learn about the hidden entities that are the spearhead for government control of public discourse.  (NY Post Article)  Having one China is bad enough for humanity, voluntarily turning ourselves into a second one is unforgiveable.

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  • David says:

    Thank you for highlighting this so clearly. Anyone wanting to remain intellectually honest will see the push for reducing individual freedoms and join the fight to resist that push.

  • Dan says:

    Progressives are leading but Republicans are doing nothing to stop it. I don’t believe this is new but just more obvious. This is a big reason Trump was elected and Is continuing to be attached my main stream politicians. Would Desantis do anything to stop it? I’m not convinced he would. We need someone like Trump who understands how government works to stop it.

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