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Public Schools Suck, Even in Minnesota

By March 3, 2023Commentary

Minnesota used to pride itself on government that worked and top-notch public schools that actually taught students something.  Over 12 years of Democrat governance will destroy any state and Minnesota is a shining example of how fast a state can regress.  Failing infrastructure; out-of-control crime; nation-leading fraud, waste and abuse in government; and most of all, public schools that are literally forced to focus on indoctrination, not education.  The Center for the American Experiment does its best to try to point out the damage from these whacko policies and following up on a study that found many Illinois schools have not one student who does math at expected grade level, they found that 19 Minnesota schools are in the same boat.  Most are in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which thanks to Democrat governance have for decades had incompetent school boards, school administration and teachers, despite spending far more per pupil.

This is the kind of equity progressives want–everyone has nothing and everyone is really bad at everything.  And they are implementing it every where they can.  They are forcing teachers to be indoctrinators in Minnesota.  The teachers’ unions control everything and all they care about is money–having huge staffs and paying them exorbitantly.  The remedy is obvious, but hard to implement in this whacked state–we need full school choice and we need for public employee unions to be banned from ever giving any donations to any politician at any level.  (CAE Report)

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