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Minnesota’s Reckless Spending Binge

By February 20, 2023Commentary

The chart below only tells part of the story.  Our idiot, and I am done mincing words about the clown, Governor, Little Timmy Walz, is proposing to spend $65 billion in this biennium, a mere 25% plus increase from the last budget, disregarding epidemic spending and funding.  We have been governed by Democrat morons for 12 years and it will be 16 before we are rid of the Incompetent Blowhard.  The last budget before the whack-jobs took over was done for the 2010-11 biennium and totaled about $38 billion in spending.  So in about 12 years, the Dems will have increased spending by $27 billion while the population has barely grown and inflation has been largely non-existent until recently.

More importantly, we get nothing for all this spending.  We are less safe, our health is worse, our educational outcomes are worse, our infrastructure is worse, there is far more fraud and abuse, and as the chart shows, we haven’t made a dent in the poverty rate.  The only people who are better off are the Dems, who recycle state education spending into their campaign coffers, and personal pockets, vote themselves huge pay raises and laugh at the sucker taxpayers.

I have no hope that Minnesotans will wake up at this point.  Apparently a majority are idiots who like being fleeced and watching their quality of life steadily deteriorate.  Thanks to Covid Clarity for the chart.

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