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The Bureau of Economic Analysis and Health Care Costs

By February 15, 2023Commentary

The Bureau of Economic Analysis is an obscure federal agency that does some really interesting work, including on health care.  For several years it has been working on the problem of trying to track health spending by disease or condition.  (BEA Report)   (In addition to this article, you can get actual data files and other information on the BEA’s work in health care at other links on this page.)  The most recent data put out by the BEA encompasses the first year of the epidemic.  It shows what you might expect in regard to spending on respiratory illnesses and infectious diseases–a very large jump. but it also gives very clear evidence of what I have referred to as the terror campaign, which Little Timmy Walz, other politicians and the likes of Tony Fauci engaged in by locking people down and constantly frightening them about their safety and risk.

Spending on very serious chronic diseases like hypertension, heart disease, cancer and diabetes dropped substantially.  This reflects missed care.  And if you think late diagnoses and missed care for these diseases don’t lead to worse health and increased deaths, you would be ignoring a long and large body of research.  Spending on heart disease and hypertension fell by 9%, spending on cancer fell by 2.5%, spending on musculo-skeletal conditions fell by over 10%.  These declines are more significant than they seem, because every year that spending typically rises significantly, so a decline from what would have been spent is even larger.

And given that it was a terror campaign, spending on anxiety and other mental health issues really soared.  Nice work all you politicians and public health “experts” who promoted these measures and caused this extensive damage to the true public health.

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