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The Democrat Party Is the Party of Rich Elitists

By February 14, 2023Commentary

Here is truth about elections and policy in the US today, and certainly in Minnesota, they are bought and paid for by a few rich progressive whack-jobs.  I will use Minnesota as an example but the same trend is seen in many places.  The Center for the American Experiment does a lot of outstanding work and I draw on work they have done and other sources for this post.  (CAE Post)   I encourage you to track the Center’s work if you want to hear truths the major media won’t provide to you.

What we see in Minnesota is that Democrats outspend Republicans by anywhere from 2 to 1 to 10 to 1.  No matter what your policies or message, it is hard to compete with that much money.  So where does this money come from–the average Joe or Josephine?  No, basically none of it came from them.  Out of over $23 million raised for the 2022 election by the Dems, only $11,200 was in donations of $200 or less.  You read that right, no average worker gave to the Dems, it was all rich people and really all a few rich people. They are buying politicians and elections and policies and we all have to live with their ideas.  This is not a Democracy, it is a dictatorship of rich dilettantes, who then live elsewhere to avoid the consequences of their dreadful policies.

At the top of the list in Minnesota is Gov. Dayton’s former wife, a Rockefeller heir, Alida Messenger, a piece of scum who should rot in hell forever, as her money has made Minneapolis and St. Paul living hells for the people, many minorities, who live there.  Between Alida and the teachers’ unions, Little Timmy Walz had all the money he needed to spread lies about Republicans and about his own record and agenda.  But he got more from other rich people, most of whom live out of state, like George Soros, who bets against the US in financial markets while spending hundreds of millions to enact policies that will destroy the country.  No way to lose for him.  Not so much for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Republicans have some rich supporters, but far more of their contributions were small ones from the general citizenry.  31% of Republican donations came from people giving $200 or less.  So we know which party actually represents the people, not a few rich elitists.

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  • john oh says:

    I wonder if people will catch on? There can be no doubt about the correlation of Soros money to urban crime. He elects DAs that won’t prosecute, and crime soars, mostly in neighborhoods that are poor. But there doesn’t seem to be any recognition of the causality. Keep voting democrat, keep electing people who over and over again make decisions that make your life more difficult. Just wonder if the dots will ever get connected.

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