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Hmmm, Think There Is Some Connection Here?

By February 12, 2023Commentary

Progressive ideologues are generally unpleasant people and about impossible to be around for any length of time.  Apparently they hate each other as well, since they are most likely to report having no or few close friends.  Here are a couple of other interesting charts, courtesy of Powerline or other sources.  The first shows the link between being a leftist and being, well, mental health-challenged.  Younger white women, the core base of the Dem party now, have a particular issue with mental health.  Maybe if you change your outlook on life and the policies you support, you wouldn’t be quite so depressed or anxious or just crazy.


The second shows which political groups are most intolerant.  Not surprisingly, it isn’t those supposedly racist, homophobic conservatives, it is again the leftist mob.  It is a universal, indisputable truth that those who are most unsure about the righteousness of their beliefs and policies are most likely to seek to censor and prohibit any experession of contrary views.  It is truly frightening how many so-called progressives support all manner of censorship of speech.  Not a good sign for the future of the country.  Intolerance reigns supreme among this group.  And again, women lead the way here–simply can’t accept any divergent opinions or anything that might burst the little bubble they live in.


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