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Climate Is Far More Complex than the Whacko Environmentalists Acknowledge

By February 12, 2023Commentary

You have to look to find it, because our blatantly non-objective media will never make a single attempt to report meaningful research, but there is lots of evidence that there is no significant man-made global warming, or any global warming at all.  Climate is incredibly complex and weather is highly variable from year-to-year and decade-to-decade.  We can’t count on the US to produce decent research, but a country like China is more likely to have objective analyses, which is sad.  This paper demonstrates one of the fundamental complexities of understanding climate–a world with more CO2 is greener–there is more vegetation and a world with more vegetation tends to be cooler, so more CO2 does not necessarily mean more warmth.  The scientists studied the period 2001 and 2018 and found that there was more vegetation and there was an association of that vegetative increase with cooler temperatures.  This effect is created by more plants removing more CO2 from the atmosphere and by a reduction in the albedo, or reflectivity of the earth.  (Nature Article)

Don’t fall for global warming hysteria.  Be worried about the next ice age, coming soon to a continent near you.

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  • Junior says:

    So you’re saying global warming is a farce but us living on a big spinning ball flying through nothing isn’t?

    • Robert L Harper says:

      You lost me at “big spinning ball flying through nothing”.That’s what the Earth, observably, is. How does that affect the notion that ‘global warming’ may not be all it’s cracked up to be?

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