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Births in the US

By February 11, 2023Commentary

I have noted before that the most despicable lie told by the VSNs is that the vax are affecting fertility and that births are down because of the vax.  As usual, the statistical ignorance of this group is on full display.  If you look at the attached chart, you can see that from 2016 onward births were in a steady decline.  That decline occurred at a slightly greater rate in 2020, probably due to the epidemic and to a decrease in the ability of foreign born mothers to give birth in the US.  Births have rebounded in 2021, and further in 2022 according to preliminary numbers, and those two years are the first years when there was substantial vaccination of the population.  But if you just took an average of the pre-pandemic years you would obviously get a misleading picture of the trend in comparing a subsequent year.  You have to identify actual trend and an average when there are either declines or increases, is misleading.  But there is no issue with births in the US in the last couple of years, much less one associated with vax.

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