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Minnesota Dems Go Full-on Crazy

By February 3, 2023Commentary

I have been in the free state of Florida, which is a universe away from Minnesota.  While I have been gone the Dems, who control all branches of Minnesota’s government by a bare one seat in the state Senate, and a total of 321 election votes, many likely illegal, in total.  The vast majority of the state wants nothing to do with the policies of the whack-jobs in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  We have sufficient voter fraud and cheating to account for the legislative control.  Despite outspending his opponent by ten to one, our Incompetent Blowhard, Little Timmy Walz, won re-election by a small margin.  You might think this would encourage some reasonableness and attempt to have bi-partisan legislation.  No way.  The Dems have gone full lunatic.

Here is what they have accomplished so far.  Legalizing the murder of viable babies until the moment of birth and probably after.  This from the child-friendly Governor.  I can reluctantly understand abortion in some cases, but women know they are pregnant after two or three months as most, so if you don’t get an abortion immediately, too late.  No excuse for waiting, with possible exceptions for actual imminent life-threatening health issues to the mother or baby.  These are human beings, the most innocent and vulnerable, the most in need of protection, and Dems and the Governor think slaughtering them is no big deal.  They cover it with their usual euphemism–“reproductive rights”.  Bullshit, it is murder of a viable human being by the age of 23 to 24 weeks with today’s technology.  We can proudly stand with North Korea and China as the only places with such draconian and horrendous abortion policies.

And they continue their assault on the rights of parents to guide their children’s development.  Parents have no right to be told their minor child is seeking an abortion.  In a sneaky nod to the completely insane transgender lobby, children as young as 9 can be “sterilized”, i.e., have their reproduction organs removed without parental notification.  I guarantee you this is not the last effort to take children away from their parents’ influence.  This is straight out of the Nazi, Stalinist, Maoist playbook.  Children must be indoctrinated by the state to keep those in power unchallenged.  Despicable Dems just want to ensure that every child is a Dem voter, so that their core constituencies, state employees and teachers in particular, get outrageous pay and benefits and can keep recycling money to the Dem party.  If there is a hell these people will live in it for eternity for their actions against children.

We have a bill to guarantee that Minnesotans will have the most expensive and unreliable energy in the nation, rivaling even California.  We are to have carbon-free sources of energy at the 80% level by 2030 and completely by 2050.  This is beyond unrealistic.  And more so because we will lose our nuclear sources of power at some point.  By the time Minnesotans figure out the scam, it will be too late to reverse course without massive rebuilding of fossil fuel capacity, which will take time to accomplish.  There will almost certainly be blackouts.

We have a $17 billion budget surpus, and Little Timmy wants higher taxes on the “rich” who pay all our taxes as it is.  We are bleeding working age adults and especially those with high incomes and this will cause even more to leave.  Coupled with massive increased welfare spending, this ensures that within a year or two, there will be a big deficit, but then, they can always try to raise taxes even more and keep the cycle down the toilet drain going.

I could go on and on because their is no limit to Dem lunacy, but the most important thing is they know this will get them kicked out of office, so they are legalizing as much voter fraud as possible to keep themselves in office.  Give illegal aliens drivers’ licenses so they can vote even more easily than they already do and institutionalize other fraud-facilitating tactics.  While this might work, I think the blowback may be so large that no amount of cheating will stop the rout, but maybe Minnesotans are too stupid to fight back against the craziness, or maybe the cold has frozen our brains or maybe we are just masochists.

And I must give a special shoutout to the Profiles in Cowardice winners, the four Dem state senators who barely, barely won election in districts that are hugely opposed to all these policies, and who nonetheless went along with the metro crazies.  You are the worst of the worst; any one of you could have stood up and insisted on moderation, but nope, you just acquiesced in destroying the state.

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  • Joseph Lampe says:

    We are experiencing the decline and dismantling of a civilization by ignorant lunatics. There are numerous obvious solutions, but so far no one has shown a feasible path to get there.

  • Sue Beer says:

    They want to redesign our flag now. We are done.

  • joe Kosanda says:

    “No excuse for waiting, with possible exceptions for actual imminent life-threatening health issues to the mother or baby. These are human beings, the most innocent and vulnerable, the most in need of protection, and Dems and the Governor think slaughtering them is no big deal. ”

    Very well stated –
    At the same time – progressive democrats are PRO-LIFE for murderers!

    yet those progressives see no contradiction!

  • South Carolina says:

    I believe the date to be carbon-free is 2040, not 2050.

  • Tom Mahowald says:

    You nailed it on this one Kevin. Total lunacy.

  • Cindy Seabright says:

    You have hit the nail on the head. What is ironic is that the author of the abortion bill has 3 adopted children and 1 of her own. Did you note the look on Timmy’s face when he signed the bill? It definitely was not a smile. He knows he lied to the public – they all did. What else is unconscionable is the fact that they have among them their children! Reproductive health starts BEFORE you get pregnant. Abortion can lead to difficulty conceiving in the future. You are correct – they are all lunatics. Good summation of what this state has become.

  • Dan says:

    It’s 100%’by 2040 now but the year doesn’t matter because we’ll never reach that unless they allow nuclear.

    I’ve given up on government here. I’m paying very little attention because outside a civil war it’s a lost cause in MN. Too many low IQ immigrants and virtue signaling idiots in the metro in control now.

  • Alex says:

    Democrats and Liberals up here have become some kind of death cult. It’s trust in ‘secular vulgar science’ for its own sake. Here, the Liberals made assisted suicide easier to get through MAIDS. Our assisted suicide laws are now the loosest in the West. I see nothing ‘progressive’ in what I’m seeing from our ‘left-wing’ parties in North America. I do see a lot of aggressive regression.

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