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The Cost of Illegal Immigration

By January 26, 2023Commentary

Immigration policy is a complex topic.  I generally welcome immigrants; they often are the best, hardest working, most productive citizens.  Having immigration is becoming more important for the US economy because our potential native workforce increasingly consists of drugged up slackers, frivolous goofballs, and super-sensitive and highly unskilled, except in social justice, ninnies.  Immigrants must be astounded to come to a country with such opportunity and freedom and see how the current citizenry abuse the privilege of being born here.

There is a sharp difference, however, between legal immigrants who typically come with skills allowing them to immediately get jobs and be tax-paying residents who bring a variety of other benefits; and the illegal immigrants flooding into our country, who aside from trucking in a lot of drugs and engaging in a variety of criminal activities, also tend to contribute little and consume a lot of public resources, as the chart below shows.  These low-skill immigrants referred to in the chart are largely illegals.  But even some of our legal ones, as we well know in Minnesota, are quite skilled at engaging in massive government frauds.

So if someone tries to tell you there is a net benefit to immigration, the story is complex and the reality is that illegal immigration in particular is imposing very high costs on our society.

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