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Progressives, Teachers’ Unions and Public Health Officials Hate Children

By January 21, 2023Commentary

We know in Minnesota that when schools closed during the early part of the epidemic, many children simply stopped “attending” classes.  They dropped out, including very young children.  Minorities were greatly disproportionately affected.  And crime by children soared, including carjackings by young teenagers, homicides, drug use and so on.  These children have still not returned to school; most never will.  The state of Minnesota and cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul seem mystified by how this could happen.  It happened because the teachers’ unions own Little Timmy Walz and they wanted schools closed, come hell or high water, so by God, he closed them.  It happened because the public health officials, from Jan Malcolm on down, don’t give a damn about the overall public health, or data, or research or children or anything but whatever they think is politically expedient.  It happened because the whacked ideologues who run our state are totalitarians; everyone must unquestioningly obey whatever they order done, regardless of consequences.

Because of all those cowards, our children suffered immensely, in an irreversible lifelong manner.  And it isn’t just here, it happened all across the country.  Now there is one silver lining to this.  The school closing, mask nonsense, vax mandates, critical race theory, gender ideology, et al led to somewhere between 1 and 2 million school children leaving the public school system.  Some went to private schools, some are being home schooled.  Some unfortunately, are in that group that dropped out.  Every student who leaves public schools means fewer dollars going to those schools, are more importantly to the teachers’ unions.  Every student who leaves public schools undermines the power of those unions and makes it more likely that a state adopts vouchers or “the money follows the student” legislation.  (ZH Post)

So there is hope that the teachers’ unions can be eviscerated, as they deserve to be, and when they go down, one of the two primary pillars of the currently insane Democrat party goes down.  The other is rich lunatics who give lots of money for crazy policies, but can avoid living where they are subject to those policies.  Tarring and feathering is way too kind for that group.  Real meaningful reform of the role in money in elections is needed to eliminate that cancer on democracy.

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  • JT says:

    If this doesn’t make you throw up, nothing will … every issue of their magazine in a left-wing propaganda bomb. Not ONE link (that I could find) to test scores trends or monies spent linked to outcomes. The sooner the government schools are shuttered the better off our country will be.

    I know a dozen government schoolteachers, every one of them are great people, parents and educators. All are looking for an exit plan by which they can financially support their families and their retirements. Most are trapped in the system at this point due to the lack of pension or annuity options in the public sector. They are miserable … and I don’t think they are alone.

    The latest trick seems to be the replacement of superintendents from other leftist areas to drive the NEA’s culture into districts that are not playing the game. Locally, I know of 2 such cases where the top was replaced by leftist fanatical leadership to transform the schools under their control. They are organized and hell bent on gutting the country from the inside out. The don’t know how to compromise and will NEVER admit they are wrong.

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