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A Regular Climate Science, Real Science, Update

By January 14, 2023Commentary

I have pointed people to Dr. Roy Spencer’s website before.  He is a real climate scientist who attempts to ascertain the truth, not spread ideological hysteria that is secretly funded by rich people who make billions off of government subsidies for so-called “renewable” (which means expensive and unreliable) energy.  (And check out what development of an offshore wind farm is doing to whales in the waters off New Jersey.  Very environmentally friendly.)  Dr. Spencer’s latest contribution is to continue to understand the role that urban warming, which is human caused, plays in the supposed increase in global temperatures.  The keepers of official datasets like to make all kinds of adjustments that almost always miraculously increase the actual reported temperatures.  Meanwhile they ignore the impact of using temperatures recorded in urban areas.

Dr. Spencer quite sensibly attempts to associate thermometer locations with urbanization and then check differences in trends in relation to level of urbanization.  As you might expect, most thermometers are located where there is extensive urbanization, and as any sensible person would anticipate, they show a far greater increase in temperature than do rural thermometers.  The rural thermometers show very little warming and are far more representative of the actual global climate and any long-term changes in that climate.  I encourage you to follow Dr. Spencer and to read the post on this issue in full.  (Dr. Spencer Post)


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