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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 185

By January 13, 2023Commentary

A lot to get to, but let us start with a reminder of what a fraud the mask mandates were and what bullshit it was to suggest they could play any meaningful role in slowing community transmission.  The gentlemen from the UK’s Center for Evidence Based Medicine are solid, objective researchers.  Here is their summary on the absolute joke of pretending that there was research showing efficacy of masks.  But most importantly they show how officials attempted to derail the research reviews that clearly showed lack of efficacy.  (CEBM Post)

While Dave Dixon is trudging his way through our examination of deaths, and excess deaths, in Minnesota during the epidemic, many others are struggling with the same issues.  I keep trying to highlight research indicating how easy it is to go astray on calculating excess deaths, much less understanding what they might be attributed to, and in particular whether they have anything to do with being vaxed, which the vax safety nuts are implying.  Here is another post at a leading website critical of the epidemic response, the Daily Skeptic.  Once again, it shows how hard it is to accurately calculate pre-epidemic trends, to isolate effects by age and vax status, much less by cause.  (DS Post)

And in another of my favorite epidemic topics, an FDA advisor has stated what also would appear pretty obvious to me at this point; the bivalent booster is worthless, there is no reason for vaxing children or even young adults, and I think there is little point to vaxing or boosters for anyone now, given infection rates.  A vaccine is never going to create a better immune response than the body does after infection.  (Offit Article)

Anyone who regularly reads the blog knows my position on the vax, subject to further research.  They have minimal effectiveness, especially at this point.  But they have limited safety issues and those who pimp the safety nonsense are despicable.  They use all kind of anecdotes and made up shit.  And they always ignore the fact that most people who are vaxed have also been infected. Couldn’t be the infection causing any issues, must be the vax.  Here is a reminder from a large study that CV-19 infections are linked to lasting serious heart issues of multiple types.  (Nature Study)

And for those who think that preventive health didn’t worsen during the epidemic, and consequently increase the likelihood of more serious disease in succeeding years, I draw your attention to the latest report from the Minnesota group that tracks quality of care, finding that screenings and other preventive measures have not yet returned to pre-epidemic levels.  (Mn. Report)

Lot of interesting theories about what might help prevent or treat a CV-19 infection.  One was fluvoxamine, an antidepressant.  This study, a randomized clinical trial, finds no benefit from its use in people with mild to moderate CV-19.  (JAMA Study)

Here is some breaking news, the CV-19 spike protein causes heart issues in fat mice.  Safety nuts are trying to use this study to blame vax, but this is the virus protein.  (Medrxiv Study)

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  • DuluthGuy says:

    I guess the part I have trouble wrapping my mind around is how we can be sure what is causing all of these heart issues we hear about. Is it the vax (like Alex Berenson and others are saying) or is it the infection (as you allude to). I’m not convinced one way or the other. But wouldn’t it be quite easy for a researcher to do a study to confirm this one way or the other by simply looking at all of these deaths and seeing how many of them are vaxed vs non-vaxed? If all of them are vaxed, then one could reasonably conclude that the vax played a major part. If they are roughly distributed between vaxed and non-vaxed the same was as the population is, then one could reasonably conclude that the infection played a major part. I think we can safely assume that 99%+ of the population has been infected at this point, whether or not they knew it. And the other question is would how sick somebody got while infected play a part? If the last part is true, then it would be a lot harder to differentiate.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      number one, it isn’t even clear there are all these heart issues. I think the prevalence has been greatly exaggerated. As I have pointed out in regard to vax effectiveness research, you are talking about pretty small pools of populations that are either never vaxed or never infected, but you need those pools to really do the analysis. And as those sub-groups become smaller, you have to assume there is some meaningful difference along some dimensions that confound an analysis. But I think long CV in general is hugely exaggerated and I know the vax safety issues are just basically bullshit

  • JT says:

    The only way to look at ‘excess death’ is to compare death/million over a long enough time span, at least a decade. If you do this, you will see that different countries have good years and bad years. Historically it was tied to aggressive flu seasons, but over time the average was pretty steady. You could see ‘catch-up’ years when after a few mild flu seasons people got older and more susceptible to a bad flu season which brough the average back in line. We won’t know for a while, but my money is on a new trend upwards from historical DpM averages worldwide. Mission accomplished if you’re a Bill Gates fan.

    Regarding deaths in general, since the same organizations who funded the development the mRNA product(s) also funded the creation of the virus, the DOD … does it really matter which accelerates your death?

  • Patricia Stasney says:

    I am tired of all the commercials ,TV and radio from pfizer and especially those from the government health agencies that are paid for by our tax dollars saying to get the vaccine. Age 5 and up ! Make it stop. Thats the real B.S.

  • Ron says:

    “But they have limited safety issues and those who pimp the safety nonsense are despicable. They use all kind of anecdotes and made up shit.”

    Your jealousy of Alex Berenson and other Covid-skeptic quasi-celebrities has turned you into a retard. Even the U.S. and U.K. governments are starting to acknowledge that the “vaccines” are causing serious problems, including strokes, among the young, healthy “vaxxed.” Young “vaxxed” athletes are dropping on a near-daily basis but we’re supposed to trust you rather than our lying eyes? Who are some “unvaxxed” athletes who’ve had heart problems or worse?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      don’t read if you don’t like the truth, you have no idea how successful I have been and one reason I can freely speak the truth is because I don’t care and don’t need to care about what other people say. Please I beg you, stop reading, I don’t want to disturb your warped belief system

  • Dave says:

    As the Daily Skeptic points out, in the link you provide, people can look at the same data and come to different conclusions based on their biases. You reference a study that shows a CV-19 infections are linked to long term heart issues but this study,, published on the NIH website appears to say otherwise.

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