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Little Timmy Walz Hates Children

By January 7, 2023Commentary

While I was in the Free State of Florida, Little Timmy Walz made some remarks at the swearing-in (swearing being the right word) for his second term, which will give us 16 straight years of terrible, supposedly progressive, but actually regressive, Democrat Governor rule.  In that time the quality of life in Minnesota has declined steadily, and I fully anticipate it will decline at an even greater clip during the Incompetent Blowhard’s second term.  He of course is clueless to the damage done, particularly since his primary mission is to get more money for the teachers’ unions while they do a dreadful job of educating Minnesota’s children.

Little Timmy used the occasion to talk about those kids and how much he wants to help them and make Minnesota the best place to raise children.  He is a lying piece of shit scum in general but on this topic he is really outdoes himself in the prevarication rankings.  Let us review what Little Timmy accomplished for children in his first term.  Despite huge tax increases and even bigger educational spending increases, actual learning in Minnesota decreased, and decreased at a particularly rapid pace for minority children.  The number of administrators doing nothing rose dramatically and the quality of teachers sunk.  This decline in learning accelerated during the epidemic when our imbecilic but devious Governor was paid off by the teachers’ unions to close schools for an extended period of time and substitute laughable “virtual learning”.  He even went so far as to close playgrounds.

As a result of his actions, many minority children simply dropped out of school altogether and some unfortunately went into a life of crime, as we have a plague of carjackers and gangsters who should be in the classroom.  But more importantly from Little Timmy’s perspective, as a result he got lots of donations from the teachers’ unions, so he could spread lies about his opponent while outspending that opponent by a factor of ten to one.  Other great accomplishments for our kids include the worst mental health crisis in the state’s history and rising drug and alcohol overdoses.

Children lost not just educational opportunities, but advancement in social skills and in athletics.  Screen time, already a serious issue for our children, soared, contributing to further anxiety and depression.  At the same time, Little Timmy was terrifying children about how dangerous the epidemic was and castigating them for threatening the health of their grandparents.  He has created a generation of Minnesota children who will have life-long mental health issues and who will have lesser financial security and quality of life, which a long line of research demonstrates will ensue from the the lost educational attainment.

But on the bright side, from the Incompetent Blowhard’s perspective, is his forceful pushing of racist indoctrination and bullshit gender ideology to further confuse and dishearten our children, meaning that there is a good chance they become Democrat voters.  Don’t think for one minute that Little Timmy doesn’t know exactly what he is doing.  This isn’t some accident or misunderstanding.  He sold our children for millions of dollars of campaign contributions and the chance to turn them into Democrat ideologues.  For a few dollars each he is happy to ruin their lives.

And how are the people of Minnesota reacting to the wonderful job he is doing of making the state so great for children?  The population of the state has been on the downslide for years, particularly among working aged adults with children. They are fleeing the progressive paradise.  And when they can’t move, they are getting their kids out of the public schools any way they can.  Want to guess where they are going?  To places like the Free State of Florida, where childhood is protected and real learning exalted.

Four years from now Minnesota, the Twin Cities in particular, will be even more hellholish and more arid educational deserts.  Our finances will be in tatters, criminals will control the streets and cities, the basics like food, electricity, water and transportation will be unaffordable, government fraud and waste will be pervasive.  Little Timmy won’t be the Governor, but he will have left a lasting monument to his twisted ideology and hatred of children.


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