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Anyone Who Questions Climate “Science” Has to Hide It

By January 3, 2023Commentary

It is kind of funny to read climate science papers where the authors feel to have any chance of getting published they have to make it sound like their paper adds to the “climate emergency” hysteria, even when the findings of the paper support the notion that human-caused global warming is just made-up bullshit to help rich people get even richer from the renewable energy scam, while depriving poor and middle-income people of cheap transportion, electrical, home heating and other energy.  What brings this to mind is a recent paper addressing one of the key “sky is falling” lines of the climate nuts.  Not only is the world warming fast, the warming is accelerating.  The only thing accelerating that I see is the decline of America as a great country that actually believes in real data, research and science.

The authors do an excellent job of deconstructing the ironic notion promoted by environmentalists that cleaner air in recent decades has fewer aerosols, which tend to create cooling.  It is ironic because of course environmentalists wanted that clean air.   Apparently a lot more smog would solve our global warming issues.  Thank God China, India and Russia do their best int hat regard.  In any event, the authors dare to use actual observations to analyze the supposed theory put forward by the climate elite.  Observations not only appear inconsistent with this particular branch of climate fear-mongering, but, gasp, dare we say it, seem to suggest that it may just be natural variability, which as we all experience, is pretty common both in weather and climate.

The funny part is that the authors go out of their way to use bad temperature data sets to say, that oh, yes, of course nothing we say means there isn’t a lot of nasty human-caused global warming.  (J. Climate Article)

And as an added bonus, here is a post from the great Judith Curry, which pretty clearly demonstrates that supposed warming in recent decades is a purely urban phenomenon caused by  the fact that cities, well, they generate a lot of heat.  Relatively pristine urban stations show no similar trend.  This finding is similar to what Dr Roy Spencer also has identified as a major problem with current temperature databases–they are disproportionately weighted to urban stations.   (Curry Post)

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