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What Devilment Will Occur in 2023?

By January 1, 2023Commentary

Based on my despondent review of 2022, you would guess correctly if you believe I think 2023 could be even worse.  Usually I talk about potential health care issues in the coming year.  I will say that I believe the level of health care service and health insurance premium inflation will surprise people.  That will in part account for ongoing inflation that while not likely as high as 2022’s, will still keep most Americans chasing to keep up.  You must remember that the higher prices don’t recede when inflation lessens, they are still higher and still increasing.  Both the higher inflation and high levels of government debt will leave interest rates at a high level as well and put pressure on stocks as an investment class.

While government statistics, especially employment statistics, have been cooked to hide the true state of the economy, it will become apparent in 2023 that the economy is very weak, at best growing at a very low real (after inflation) level and more likely slipping into recession.  And it will be revealed that a higher than actual number of jobs and people working were being counted.  There nonetheless will continue to be wage pressure, partly because we have an astounding number of slackers who are happy to live on government handouts, their parents or crime, which is no longer punished.  I suspect all of 2023 will be a weak and potentially weakening economy.

Republicans may or may not have the courage to use their slim House majority to force an end to the reckless spending and to defund wokeness at the federal level.  I wouldn’t bet on it.  Government policies which make energy more and more expensive and unreliable will lead to blackouts, as they have this winter, if we have any protected heat waves in the summer.  Don’t count on the public waking up to the scam any time soon.

This may be wishful thinking on my part, but Donald Trump will give up on becoming President again and the Republican Party will be freed from his malign influence, leaving it to focus on Democrat insanity as the 2024 campaign looms.  Biden’s senility will be more obvious and more questions will be raised about who is really running the federal government.  If we are freed from Trump and with abortion receding, the economy in shambles and wokeness run amok, the end of 2023 may see conservatives in a good place heading into 2024.

This also could be wishful thinking, but I believe Ukraine will outlast the barbarian Putin and his kleptocratic Russian government and military.  This will force a re-ordering of military and political alliances or semi-alliances, particularly in the Mideast and in the Asian sub-continent.  I suspect the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel will launch some effort to take out the current Iranian government and substantially reduce its military capability.  I have no idea why we have not already bombed its drone and missile factories.  Most countries will view the US and the current administration and weak and unreliable partners.

While my view may seem despondent and discouraged, let me assure you that I will never stop fighting in every way I can for what I know to be right.   I will seek to be a voice of truth and rationality.

And I will continue to value all of you as readers and deeply appreciate your contributions and hope I can serve you well.

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  • Chris W says:

    And with that said, let us conservatives fight even more vigorously and relentlessly for the good.
    Keep up the good work in the new year, Kevin. Thank you!

  • Crsig says:

    Thank you for your amazing work! Happy New year.

  • Joe Zoborowski says:

    I share your grim assessment but also feel it is a call for each of us to get involved locally to raise awareness of these issues! Appreciate all the thought time and research you put in on these issues.


  • Barb says:

    2022 Elections results continue to disappoint me. Makes me wonder if we have reached a tipping point with the electorate being too far gone.
    Kevin – can you comment on the new hysteria around Covid in China?

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