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Why Our Country Is Screwed

By December 29, 2022Commentary

I have been saying for three decades that what was happening in our universities would eventually corrupt every institution in the country.  The leftward lurch in those universities was obvious and fed on itself as the leaders intentionally refused to hire anyone with conservative or even moderate political views and fired those existing teachers and staff who leaned in that direction.  Meanwhile we got crazier and crazier “theories” emanating from these rotting piles of trash, and every profession was infested–teaching, law, medicine, even science.  Today, it is impossible for a conservative to get hired at these universities.  So we need a law mandating “equity” in political views and prohibiting discrimination.  The chart below, courtesy of Powerline Blog, amply demonstrates how tilted what students are exposed to is.

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  • George O'Har says:

    The survey is from 2018. It’s worse today. And when you factor in what has happened in the culture since 2018, Trump, Covid, a logarithmic increase in social-public insanity, it’s possibly far worse. 25.3 to 1 ratio in environmental science is doubtless much closer now to 70 to 1. The big question for me, since I’m a member of an organization that thinks we can “take back” the schools, is that the war is lost. There is no point in fighting inside the academy. The academy must be destroyed. And this happens from the outside.
    An inch by inch battle across disciplines would take centuries. And don’t forget, it isn’t just the students/majors; it’s administrators as dumb as Dr. Jill running the show, stem to stern, Title IX, DEI…

  • John Oh says:

    Why do we cling to the concept of university as though it still exists in the 19th century? It was never a good idea to put 10,000 people between the ages of 18 and 22 in the same place with no adult supervision. This all began with the baby boomers going to college enabling colleges to rapidly expand, and then need to fill the seats. Standard for both students and faculty declined and now we have a disfunctional system that doesn’t serve the real needs of the students or society at large. The notion of a “college experience” is a recent one that really is a bad idea socially and financially. Higher education is good, but I think we left the education part of it behind a while ago. It’s very sad.

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