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Most People Have No Idea What Long Run Temperatures Have Been

By December 29, 2022Commentary

The media and alarmist climate “scientists” would have you believe that we have “unprecedented” warmth.  The truth is that the Earth hit its temperature high a long, long time ago and has trended downward ever since.  Hundreds and tens of millions of years ago the Earth was far hotter than it is now, largely without icecaps.  The recent finding of how warm Greenland was during that time is not unusual.  The Earth’s climate for the past few million years has been a cycle of very long periods of cold and ice with far shorter periods of warmth.  Civilization has basically evolved entirely in the current warm interval.  Based on past cycles we are due for the start of another ice age in the near future.

If you look at this chart, based on ice cores, which likely are the best source of estimates for temperatures over the past 100,000 to 200,000 years, even in the last 10,000 years we are seeing a downtrend in temperature.  There are periodic warm spikes, most of which occurred before humans were producing supposedly dangerous levels of CO2, and which show what a lie the notion of current day unprecedented warmth is.  In an effort to support their lies, climate scientists have engaged in a variety of bogus alterations to raw data to make past temperatures look lower and current ones higher.  Fortunately there are a few honest scientists, like Dr. Roy Spencer, to fight the lies.

But if you read my post on University political bias, you know that the day is coming that no one will be allowed to have any views that contradict the whacked progressive, lunatic environmentalist lies, and eventually we will be living like Stone Agers again.  Anyone notice that in this last storm, there were forced blackouts imposed?  This is the human caused warming, CO2 is bad, renewables are great and cheap, crowd at work.  You can lie all you want but you can’t change reality.  And reality is that humanity benefits from cheap fossil fuels.

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