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Good and Bad Governance Among our States

By December 29, 2022Commentary

Some charts really tell you everything you need to know.  It is obvious to anyone paying attention that some states are gaining population and others losing it.  The first chart shows the top ten gainers and losers.  Almost every gaining state has had a Republican governor and legislature.  Almost every losing state, and all of the top losers, have a Democrat governor and legislature.  Look in particular at Florida and Texas.  If you think Americans, and businesses, aren’t voting with their feet to go to places with rational government that actually tries to make people’s lives better, you might want to move to New York, California or Illinois.

The second  chart shows Minnesota’s population changes.  This is a very high tax state with a lousy government and high crime.  The state was propped up in the last two years by federal transfer payments.  Businesses and wealth taxpayers are fleeing and the trend is accelerating.  The states working age population is shrinking, making our unemployment rate look falsely low.  People are telling us what they think of Minnesota’s government and they are right.  It is terrible, and terribly expensive.  Hat tip to Powerline Blog for the charts.


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