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Tim Walz Hires a Racist as the New Health Commissioner

By December 22, 2022Commentary

That is what the headline at the Star Tribune should say.  Jan Malcolm stepped down as Health Commissioner, never approved by the state legislature, after leading the terror campaign during the epidemic and being the foremost spreader of misinformation.  I am sure the new hire, Brooke Cunningham, will amply follow in her shoes in that regard.  Ms. Cunningham appears to have zero actual experience in the delivery of health care or the management of public health.  What she does have is lots of diversity, equity and inclusion background.  In other words she fits perfectly with the racist Tim Walz administration, which believes that how people are treated should be completely based on the color of their skin and other immutable charateristics; well, that and how much money they give to Democrats.

DEI is a euphemism for racism and an excuse for irresponsibility and incompetence.  Ms. Cunningham will advance the interests of African Americans and other “people of color”, regardless of ability or behavior.  She will prattle on endlessly about equity, the true translation of which is “just give people stuff regardless of effort, behavior or experience because of the color of their skin”.  She is a racist through and through.  She will discriminate against people who don’t have the color of skin she favors, regardless of their superior experience and knowledge, work ethic or ability.  In short, she is the epitome of the modern version of racists.

And most importantly, she will do absolutely nothing to advance the health of Minnesotans of any color or background, because she really has no idea what the actual problems are or the actual solutions.  No idea.  And because she doesn’t understand that personal responsibility and behavior are the core to everything, including health, she doesn’t have a prayer of improving anything.  The drug overdose epidemic, the mental health epidemic, the obesity epidemic, and on and on, I can assure you will get worse under her watch.  Make us pine for the days of Malcolm.

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  • Harley says:

    The new dean of the Carlson School at the U goes one step further.

    Diversity, equity, inclusion and BELONGING!
    Whatever that means? As my friend said, “Participation ribbons for everyone!”

    Merry Christmas!

  • I said this to a co-worker when news of Malcolm being done, the replacement is going to be worse.
    Unfortunately everyone in the state suffers due to the metro voting base but this doesn’t let the R’s off the hook. I feel the whole party chose to run an uninspiring campaign for all local, state and federal offices. And with that here we are.

  • DuluthGuy says:

    And the new chair of the IRRRB is an admirer of Mao and Che Guevara, as she has pictures of them prominently displayed in her home. She even posted picture to Twitter with these pics in the background.

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