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“Unprecedented Warmth”, or at Least Unprecedented BS

By December 8, 2022Commentary

Climate alarmists are fundamentally ignorant clowns.  They are constantly talking about unprecedented current warmth.  Go on Google and you can find any number of long-term climate charts which show a curve with temperatures far higher hundreds and tens of millions of years ago.  Recent interglacial periods have been warmer that we currently are or will be.  We are in the late stages of the typical interglacial and an ice age is coming for which we are completely unprepared.  Now we have a new study that used old DNA to assess the likely climate in Greenland from one to two million years ago.  Unlike today, Greenland was apparently then a tropical area, heavily vegetated with a variety of animal life.  It was 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit higher than temps there today.  Wow, sounds like we are having unprecented cold today, not warmth.

As usual, what is hilarious is how the authors of any climate study are forced to put in the obligatory reference to global warming, with these authors saying this shows what Greenland could be like in a future warming world.  Not even the looniest global warming nut is projecting temperatures like those which this study infers existed in the past in Greenland.  (Nature Study)

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