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Renewable Energy is a Fantasy

By December 8, 2022Commentary

There are many reasons why so-called renewable energy isn’t really renewable or environmentally safe and why it needs massive government subsidies to even be considered for widespread use.  It is expensive, unreliable and environmentally deadly.  But that never matters to woke ideologues who live in fantasyland.  One of the biggest problems with renewables is that they are not created by humans as oil and gas and coal and nuclear plants are, but depend on the whims of nature.  As I recall, for example, the sun doesn’t shine at night, and in Minnesota this time of year we have 16 hours of darkness.  And I believe that the wind doesn’t blow for 24 hours a day in many, if any, locations on earth.  So we need a way to store large, incredibly large, amounts of this elusive renewable energy in order for it to be available during the entire time the population needs electricity.  Battery storage is the most likely approach and making, operating and disposing of such batteries is very environmentally unfriendly.  It would also take up approximately half of the earth’s surface.  And have I mentioned that cost might be an issue.  This article gives a very detailed exploration of the issues around battery storage, including the fact that it will cost trillions, that is right, literally trillions of dollars.    (Battery Article)

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  • DuluthGuy says:

    It’s been beyond obvious for many years that “renewable energy” (solar, wind, etc) is a complete scam, yet 80% of the public still think that oil/coal/natural gas is dangerous. What do we do about it? Environmentalism is pretty much a religion to probably 1/3 (maybe more) of that 80%. I’m now in my mid 40’s and the environmental agenda was being pushed when I went through public schools and it has gotten far, far worse since then. Try having a conversation about how global warming isn’t a major issue with anyone under the age of 35 and they’ll think you’re crazy.

    I’ve had a chance to ride in a Tesla and it is a fantastic automobile. However, it’s not going to save the earth and it’s probably less friendly to the planet than a large SUV when considering the mining that went into getting all of the metals for the vehicle and the disposal of everything after it’s useful life. Let’s not pretend that it’s anything more than a toy for wealthy and stop giving out subsidies for people to buy them.

  • joe Kosanda says:

    Marc jacobson , stanford professor, is one of the leading advocates for renewable energy. One of his most recent “studies” on 100% renewables for 145 countries includes backup storage that covers 8 hours. Not needing more because, the renewables can produce sufficient electricity from other locations on the planet. For example in europre at night during the winter when no wind blows, electicity can be imported from the sahara. Just another example of the delusions.

    The fake science website “skeptical Science ” folks continue to point out the Texas freeze fiasco in Feb 2021 proves that renewables are the key to salvation – wholely oblivious to the fact that wind produced less than 10% of its average production for 9 days across the entire north american continent ( 10% of average production, not name plate capacity) . I repeat – virtually no wind 9 days accross the entire north american continent – vs – the 2 days of 40% drop of electric production for natural gas that was confined to Texas.

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