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A Final Comment on the 2022 Mid-Terms

By December 7, 2022Commentary

If you think the country is literally pursuing insane social policies and suicidal economic and financial ones, the only ray of hope in the mid-term elections is that Republicans narrowly captured the House of Representatives, which should limit further craziness.  The Senate outcome, and the lack of a bigger win in the House, is solely attributable to the incredible drag Donald Trump has become on the Republican party.  Mr. Egomaniac backed awful candidates who performed exactly as was predictable, although from his perspective at least they agreed that the 2020 election was stolen from him.  The sooner Trump is gone from the party, the better for the country.  The background conditions for a return to conservative policies remains strong, and will get stronger as the economy flounders over the next two years.  The Republicans have a deep and impressive bench of candidates.  If Trump can be eliminated quickly from contention in 2024, we may yet be able to rescue the country.  Meantime, we need to keep the pressure on the House to do its job in stopping excessive spending and other bad policies.

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  • George O'Har says:

    I agree muchly with your assessment of Trump and his role. However, half the country thinks Biden is doing a great job, they are willing and glad to wear masks the rest of their lives, they believe wind and solar are the answer to all our energy problems, they hate oil and its derivatives, they believe global warming or climate change, or whatever they call it, is an “existential” crisis and they are angry with Russia, which they believe meddled in an election.
    They also have no trouble with 135 genders. In short, they are ignorant, BUT they are firmly convinced they are right and we are wrong. Right now, they are clamoring for more boosters and more of these mad scientist drugs. So, yes, Trump is a drag. But they should have been able to see past that. America right now has to borrow to pay the interest on the national debt. These voters don’t know a thing about that. Don’t bring me down, right?
    My point is, yeah, Trump. I want him gone too. But let’s not let the voting clown off the hook. Didn’t you just have an election out your way? And didn’t the voters bring back that imbecile witch? Trump had nothing to do with that.
    Also, it’s worth remembering, as bad as Trump is, every single other Republican is a Democrat sock puppet. It was Trump who pulled the scab off the deep state. Without him, we’d still be worshiping at the altar of the FBI, which is and probably always has been (cf. tutu wearing J. Edgar) a criminal enterprise.
    Lastly, I really appreciate your work on this blog. And I’m not alone.
    You are a light in the wilderness.

  • rob says:

    “The Republicans have a deep and impressive bench of candidates.”

    Really? I hope so. I admit to not following politics very closely but I never hear any Republican politician denouncing Trump, which to me means they aren’t deep or impressive. Spineless is more like it. Not that their competition on the other side is deep or impressive either.

  • Neil Horn says:

    agreed. My Trump flag has been taken down. If he’s nominee so be it he gets my vote but the flag stays down until then.

  • James L. Edholm says:

    I’m with you, Kevin, and also with George when he says what valuable offerings you give us daily. I do have one tiny question, however. Why is it that about 75% of the time when you write a question in your blog, you don’t use a question mark? Sorta confusing.

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