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You Can Find Real Climate Research if You Look

By November 25, 2022Commentary

A couple more enlightening pieces of research for your groggy post-Thanksgiving meal perusal.  Roy Spencer is a hero for insisting on rationality in science, not ideology.  I have mentioned several times that I became quickly disillusioned with climate science when I started reading the research and saw obvious data and statistical issues, including gross manipulations of raw data to get a desired result. This is especially true with temperature data, which for what seem to me to be bizarre reasons, is frequently adjusted.  One issue with identifying true temperature trends is the impact of urban areas on temperature.  Urban areas generate and retain heat, affecting thermometers.  The obvious solution is to rely more on rural weather stations.  The climate nuts have dealt with this issue by “homogenization” which basically takes urban area temperatures and uses them to raise reported rural temperatures.  Dr. Spencer reveals this scam in an analysis of Canadian data, which indicates that supposed temperature increases are largely created by the homogenization ruse.  (Spencer Post)   If you scroll down you will see a similar post on temperatures in Nevada.

And anyone who thinks renewable energy doesn’t have serious environmental consequences is just in denial.  Wind turbines kill millions of birds and bats every year and likely have other deleterious effects, not to mention the environmental issues caused by their manufacture and disposal.  This study discusses what wind turbines are doing to bat populations.  Bats are critical to controlling insect populations.  I don’t think gas or coal or nuclear plants kill bats.  (Bat Study)

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