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The Earth’s Climate System Is Very Resilient

By November 22, 2022Commentary

One reason I keep bringing these articles to the forefront is to help people counter the overwhelmingly flood of bullshit about climate change that government and the media present.  Most of this is outright lies, the rest is misleading.  There is no attempt to present a rational perspective on uncertainties about whether there is any human-caused change to the climate, if so, how much and what activities specifically cause it and what should be done about that change, if it is occurring and if it is caused in part by human activities.  I want all of you to be able to see alternative, more accurate information and to be able to pass that on to those who might not understand how much garbage they are being subjected to.

This article discusses feedback systems the earth apparently has that even on scales of hundreds of millions of years tend to keep the climate operating in a pretty narrow band.  Those feedback mechanisms continue working today.  Of course the authors, to get published at all, have to bow to climate change orthodoxy, but the factors explicated in the article give a much better sense of how complex the system is and how resistant to perturbation.  (Science Article)

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