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Dr. Jha Is a Worthy Successor to Fauci

By November 22, 2022Commentary

This is the new head of the CV-19 response at the federal level.  He is either as ignorant as Fauci et al about the real state of the data and research or he is as good a liar, probably both.  He says here the the vax and boosting are so good they literally would prevent every death.  Now anyone who reads this blog regularly sees the weekly updates on events by unvaxed, vaxed and vaxed and boosted status.  And you all know that over 70% of each event–infection, hospitalization and death–for months have been occurring among the vaxed and vaxed and boosted.  The most recent post with the table reflecting this is here.  (Breakthrough Table)   For deaths in particular, the vast majority have been in boosted persons.  Now age is a factor in that, but it is simply a lie to stand up in a press conference and say that the vaccines prevent deaths.  They don’t.  And more and more boosters won’t either.  The moron goes on to say that people should trust doctors not “some random dude on Twitter”.  The random dudes on Twitter apparently have a far greater grasp of the actual data and research than this clown.  The guy should literally be immediately thrown out of office for destroying trust in public health.  (Jha Remarks)

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  • Weary Person says:

    Well, this strategy works as we have seen even though the statements don’t match the emails etc. Mueller didn’t even seem to know he was supposedly leading an investigation and and and. Don’t deny just don’t remember.

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