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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 176

By November 17, 2022Commentary

The big news of the day for Minnesota is that Jan Malcolm won’t be the commissioner of health in Little Timmy’s second term.  I suspect she is just tired and I know Jan personally and she is a decent person but her behavior during the epidemic was reprehensible, as she relentlessly pushed lockdowns and other measures contrary to the broader public health, constantly fueled the terror campaign, and outright lied or misled regarding the data and research.  But little Timmy will undoubtedly find some one even worse.

To the extent that there are excess deaths it is due to missed health care and somewhat to continuing rises in drug and even alcohol overdose deaths, not vaccines, as the vax safety nuts keep pushing.  Nothing is going to steer those people away from delusional, conspiracy theories, but the evidence keeps building for what the true cause is. Here is an article from Scotland on the rise in “avoidable deaths”.  You may recall that I have mentioned in earlier posts on the topic that there is a category of deaths called “ambulatory care sensitive” ones in the US, that reflect what happens when people don’t get regular, routine care for chronic conditions–they get worse and die–of heart attacks, from strokes, from uncontrolled blood sugar levels, etc.  And that is exactly what we are beginning to see.  (Scottish Article) 

Here is another great public health consequence to lockdowns and school closures.  Eating disorders in adolescents and young adults were up substantially during the epidemic.  Seriously, how can people like Fauci, Birx, Murtha, Walz and Malcolm defend themselves?  (JAMA Article)

And the risk to children and young people was extremely low.  This detailed examination of deaths supposedly linked to CV-19 in England in that group found almost no deaths actually caused by CV-19.  There were a grand total of 81 deaths in people 20 and under, 61 of which were in young people with extreme comorbidities–serious illness or disability.  The rate of infection fatality was vanishingly small.  (PLOS Study)

I think I commented briefly on this masking “study” when it was in preprint, but as I have said before I am not spending a lot of time on mask stuff because it is obvious to me that they don’t work to stop the overall level of transmission in the community.  All of the studies saying otherwise are bullshit methodologically and this is one of the worst.  The New England Journal of Woke Medicine only picked up to try to wring some “equity” angle out of it.  If you want to see it ripped to pieces, read these critiques.  (Hoeg Critique)   (Burns Critique)

I know I am just a harsh meanie, but I still think the notion of “long” CV-19 is largely crap, based on studies that fail to account for the fact that after any serious illness people claim to have lingering symptoms and they certainly will in an epidemic, to get sympathy and to collect disability and avoid work.  Few studies show any actual physical correlates to these supposed long-term symptoms.  And this study, which finds there were actually more “long” CV-19 symptoms among non-hospitalized than hospitalized patients does nothing to lessen my cynicism on the topic.  Quite counter-intuitive.  (JAMA Study)

PCR tests can be misused, or rather the results can, because the tests are over-sensitive in terms of identifying people with serious infections or high levels of infectiousness.  This study finds that their tend to be lower cycle numbers, and higher viral loads, in older persons, and there are clearly higher loads in symptomatic versus asymptomatic loads.  Only about 11% of infections were symptomatic.  (SSRN Article)

I am now telling you more emphatically that there is every reason to skip any more boosters.  This study from Israel on a fourth dose or second booster clearly shows the usual decline in effectiveness in short order, in fact the decline happened even faster with a fourth shot.  (NEJM Article)

This study details the development of the T cell response to a CV-19 infection.  The early response is driven by a population of circulation generic T cells which are quickly trained to recognize CV-19.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And one more study on booster effectiveness finds that after 6 months it actually goes negative in regard to infection, compared to two doses alone, suggesting over-stimulation of the immune system.  Just want to say that appears to be what we see in the Minnesota data.  The effect was similar in people with and without a prior reported CV-19 infection.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And this study is very technical but explores differences in the characteristics of T cell response to infection compared to vaccination.  The upshot is that infection appears to create a broader and stronger response, including in people who are subsequently vaccinated.  (Medrxiv Paper)


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  • Joe Kosanda says:

    I read the Boston mask study a few months ago and questioned the validity at that time.

    My two observations were that A) the study period was on the declining side of 2021/2022 winter wave which made any analysis difficult and B) like the Kansas mask study , the delta in case rates of the two groups disappeared after approximately 8 weeks.

    Both issues rendered any conclusion meaningless/ inconclusive

  • Dan says:

    You say you know Jan Malcolm and she’s a good person? Any insight into her terrible performance in the crisis? Is the incompetent or just interested in job security? Did you reach out to her with your insight? I’m really perplexed with how to turn good people around when they’re actions are so wrong.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I would like to say she was just misguided and following orders, but I suspect in fact she though lying and terrorizing people were a good idea.

  • Michelle says:

    While I’m not denying that deferred care & increased drug & alcohol use could cause some excess deaths, the mountains of evidence are accumulating for COVID vax injuries and deaths.

    The other day you even cited a study associating pulmonary embolism with COVID vaccine in the elderly…and yet you still are not moved to say it’s a possibility that there are COVID Vax injuries and death?

    Why are you a COVID Vax injury denier?

    You are a complete atheist on COVID Vax injury and death. I’m inviting you to move toward becoming a COVID Vax injury and death agnostic.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      there is no evidence that what you say is true–none, zero, nada, nil. I am about to post on yet another study that shows this. But you want to believe it, so just admit that your belief is more important to you than facts. And I know better than to waste my time on people you just want to believe things

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