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California Dreamin’, Schadenfreude Style

By November 16, 2022Commentary

Oh, how I love writing this post.  California is governed by a slick narcissist named Gavin Newsom and his motley gang of whacked progressives.  Newsom has been all pumped up by the huge budget surpluses California ran during the last couple of years due to tons of capital gains from tech company IPOs and acquisitions and to tens of billions in federal CV-19 payments to the states.  Newsom had the idiotic balls to actually run ads in Florida about how bad it was there and people should come to California for real freedom, like being able to kill babies even after they are born.  Karma is real, very real.

While Newsom was prancing and strutting his lame ass, California looks like hell on earth.  A massive homeless crisis; schools that don’t teach anything to anyone but social justice, critical race theory and gender ideology; businesses relocating out of the state, including the headquarters of some of America’s largest companies; a loss of population as residents also decided anywhere was better than California, and of course Newsom’s severe CV-19 lockdown policies, which applied to everyone but he and his cronies.

And now Karma raises its head.  The California Legislative Analysis Office has taken a look at the budget picture for the next two years.  Oops, all that wasted spending, even with the highest tax rates in the country, will leave the state with a $25 billion deficit.  A new world record for going from a huge surplus to a huge deficit.  Wonder what will happen to all those handouts to illegal immigrants and subsidies for slackers.  (CLAO Report)

I think the deficit will be even worse than projected in this report.  California is overly reliant on a few billionaires and on capital gains taxes.  The billionaires are moving and capital gains tax is drying up.  Going to be harder for Newsom to spread mis-information about Florida’s economy as his goes into reverse.  The same way progressives salivate at Trump running again, conservatives are in heaven anticipating Newsom as the Dem nominee.  Can you imagine a DeSantis/Newsom contest, or rather no-contest.

But mostly, I am with no regrets, shame or embarrassment wholeheartedly enjoying seeing Newsom and California get taken down several pegs.  The citizens of that state keep voting for lunatics and they can reap what they sowed.

Bonus limerick:

There once was a gov named Newsom

He and Kamala made quite a twosome

The state went to hell

He said “oh, well”

My policies really were gruesome

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