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It Gets Worse and Worse

By November 12, 2022Commentary

I write this from the truly free state of Florida, where people seem genuinely happy.  Just think of what the whole country could be like if it was run like Florida.

But……not satisfied that his handpicked candidates in the most important Senate and Governor races have all lost, now Trump has taken to trashing the truly successful Republicans with national visibility–DeSantis, Youngkin and others.  Trump lives in his own world and has his own form of delusional thinking.   How do you possibly think it helps anyone other than Dems for him to go after Ron DeSantis?  This narcissist is truly prolonging our national agony.  Now we may not have a Republican House or Senate, meaning Bidementia will have free reign for another two years.  There is a point at which the country’s financial status cannot be repaired.  Trump listens to no one but his own ego, but he needs to get pushback from everyone so that he finally gives up and retires from public life.

I know most readers are politically conservative and most seem to agree with me on Trump. But there are some diehards and I implore that group to please recognize what is truly best for the country.  The Republican party is blessed with so many outstanding officials and candidates that if we can just get out from under Trump’s shadow, we will will any important office in a walk.

And I want to make one more observation on young voters.  As most of us will recall from our youth, we weren’t at our most rational.  But this generation of young people is just insane.  Many have been indoctrinated throughout school and college and they live in la-la land.  If this is the future, we are in truly deep shit.  They also seem to be truly lost souls, no clue about what they are doing with their lives, how to find true meaning and purpose, they just act bizarrely, many work at deadend jobs, if they work at all.  China, for all its repression and state-controlled economy, is light years ahead of us in creating generations that are highly educated and productive.

Man, oh man, we are just in a world of hurt.

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  • MLR says:

    Spot on as usual!

  • JR Ewing says:

    Trump’s time has come and gone. We can be eternally grateful for him beating Hillary and saving us in 2016 and also realize that he’s now poison to a large portion of the country – if not 51% or more – and there’s no way he will ever be elected president again.

    A HUGE part of democrat support on Tuesday was in response to Trump. However unfair and ridiculous, the “threat to democracy” nonsense resonated with a lot of people and the GOP is currently tainted through its association through Trump. He wasn’t on the ballot and he motivated a lot of persuadable people to vote democrat.

    We’ve got to dump him and get those voters back.

  • David says:

    #1) Your travel timing is impeccable; the MN. forecast doesn’t put us above freezing for several days.
    #2) There’s plenty of fight in front of us to spotlight – gov’t schools indoctrinating our kids, global temperature hoax/extortion policies, crime rates, etc. before peering behind us at the political soap opera that is playing out.
    They say Christians are known for shooting their wounded and the R’s are no different. I’ve long been envious of the extent to which D’s will circle their wagons around their most despicable, inept members while we abandon our people for their imperfections. I can’t defend Trump’s attack on DeSantis but have to wonder what was behind a calculating individual like Trump saying anything negative about such a beloved Conservative. During the 2016 primary, there were many beloved candidates that were put in the ring with Trump and his unorthodox methods gave him the win. As President, those same methods got U.S. respect on the global stage – enough to stop world leaders from gouging the American taxpayer. I saw Trump stay on both the global and domestic battlefield for U.S. while being constantly attacked from every direction. That is selfless and a lesser man would’ve caved under the pressure.
    The Swamp has quickly gotten deeper in just two years and it’s not occupied only by D’s. By 2024 we’ll need a Patton in office to fix the damage, not a Chamberlain.

  • Blackwing1 says:

    This is what we get for having turned the educational system over to collectivist, statist, authoritarians. From the days in the early 1900’s of John Dewey wanting the government school systems turning out nice little drone worker-bees, to the current NEA and the associated sub-chapters (Education MN, for example) wanting to destroy families and groom the children for their pedophiles, they’ve done their best to eliminate education in favor of collectivist indoctrination and brainwashing.

    If you have a child in a government school system you are, de facto, guilty of child abuse. If you have a child in a private school system that…”embraces the public/private partnership” approach, you might have tried to stop the abuse, but you failed. The only organized educational systems that are not of that ilk are explicitly right-wing, some of the religious ones, or home-schooling organizations.

  • itellu3times says:

    I agree with very little of this but will raise just two points. First, I think if you investigate further you will find that China is *not* doing better with their young cohort. Second, if our young cohort is living in la-la land it is not us older folk who are in trouble, it is the younger folk themselves.

  • WVinMN says:

    So, McConnell practically ignored Blake Masters and Kari Lake, but tossed 9 million into the Alaskan senate race featuring two Republicans. Not to mention McConnell snubbed Adam Laxalt and Don Bolduc. And too many others to mention. But that’s all Trumps fault, right you sniveling chump! I’ll tell you this much. If you and your establishment hack pals in GOP nominate a Haley, Pompeo, or Pence in 2024, myself and MANY OTHERS will actively campaign for the Donk nominee. Count on it.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Frank is a perfect example of why republicans will keep losing. Nothing but name calling, spends his whole life watching Newsmax 24 hours a day and scouring the internet for the latest conspiracy theory. he loves losing, why I don’t understand, but must be the only thing that gives his life meaning. Losers lose, and drag everyone else and the whole country down with them.

  • rob says:

    Again I 100% agree. I absolutely despise Trump and I lean Republican, so it’s obvious to me that the Dems will run, walk, or crawl on bloody stumps to the polls in record numbers to vote against Trump and anyone who parrots his idiocy, ala Kari Lake and her ilk. Does anyone know what percentage of Republican politicians still claim that the 2020 election was stolen? I predict they will all go down in flames eventually. Certainly I will never vote for a single one of them.

  • Carlos Rodriguez says:

    The donor class wants to rid the GOP of any populism, so they can continue the many grifts so well tipyfied in the endless wars we have had foisted upon the taxpayer and the “Grunt Class”which makes up the bulk of our Combat Arms canon-fodder so these “Masters of the Universe” can fleece the taxpayer.

    Those of us who have been paying attention saw Paul Ryan propose DiSantis, Youngkin and Sen Scott as potential Trump challengers.GOPe megadonors are already lining DeSantis’ coffers. DeSantis has been playing coy, and it was completely correct for Trump to yank his bridle to let him know that we are all aware of his play. The honorable thing to do for the guy who got him tbe governorship would be to volunteer for VP. We will have to see.

    Dump Trump, his base goes with him.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I don’t understand all the people who just seem to want to keep losing. Trump can’t win anything, he lost the popular vote by several million votes. Are you really going to vote for Biden over DeSantis. We all need to get a grip on reality and stop the in-fighting.

  • Richard Berger says:

    You’re making a big mistake blaming this on Trump. Without Trump’s energy the Republicans would have continued to lose with grace. So he’s a braggart, a philanderer and classless. He stopped Hilary, torpedoed the Bushes and revealed the true nature of the nest of vipers which is DC. He’s done this at great personal cost. We were looking for another Reagan and we got Trump. You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need!

  • Don says:

    No, you need to go away Roche.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I love this group of people who just enjoy losing, losing, losing some more. How do you think that makes things better. Trump not only has to go, he will be gone. Too many people are smarter than what you represent and too many people would actually like to win

  • Stephen Duff says:

    If I was prone to conspiracy theories I’d suspect Trump was a Democrat plant. It wouldn’t suprise me. He’s been jumping between parties all his life but he leans Democrat. If he wants to be nominated he should seek the Democrat nomination and the leave the poor befuddled Republican’s alone. What did they ever do to him?

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