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One More Thought on the Election

By November 9, 2022Commentary

Apparently abortion was a bigger issue than I thought it would be and many “angry” women turned out to vote Dem as a result.  Abortion is a complicated issue and my own views on it are complicated as well.  Lost in the blizzard of Dem ads on the topic was the fact that most endorse the incredibly extreme position that it is fine to kill a baby at the moment of birth.  That is an abhorrent position, one that shows what low regard the Dems hold children and life in.  It has nothing to do with women’s rights or control of bodies or anything else other than literally killing a child who would live if born, which with today’s technology can be as early as five months after conception.  These are the most innocent of innocents, and Dems are all in favor of slaughtering them and giving them no opportunity to actually have a life.  I would note that half of these babies are women.  I could see allowing abortion up to viability, or even more sensibly, for a reasonable period after the mother is aware she is pregnant.  If you know you are pregnant and you don’t proceed with an abortion posthaste if you don’t want a child, what is the possible excuse?  And I understand exceptions throughout when the life or health of the mother is truly seriously threatened, or even the life or health of the baby.  I don’t at all understand the flippant perspective that an unborn baby can just be killed at any point.  And it is flippant.  As I said, a complete trivialization of the issue and of the value of life.  And pro-life Republicans did a terrible job of articulating just how extreme and demonic the Democrat position is.

But the people, mostly women, who voted on abortion, are complete airheads, plain and simple.  You are being played by Dems, who don’t want you to look behind the curtain and see what a mess they have made of every aspect of our lives.  Let’s see, I can’t afford rent, gas, food, electricity, heat, water, medical care, medical insurance; the interest rates on my loans are going up; layoffs are cropping up everywhere–my job may be at risk; the world, especially China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, thinks our president and government is a joke; my children missed all kinds of school and are unlikely to catch up, the schools are more interested in political and gender indoctrination than in teaching the basics so that today’s children become tomorrow’s scientists and entrepreneurs; we have record rates of mental health issues in children and adults, record numbers of drug and alcohol overdoses, and the broader public health was ignored during the epidemic so that we have tons of excess deaths due to missed care, and oh, crime is everywhere and no Democrat has the slightest interest in stopping it.  And did I mention that we have record debt and debt issuance, which no one wants to buy anymore, which will force interest rates higher yet and will eventually force a massive retrenchment of federal spending on social programs, which means no more freebies for the slackers who don’t really want to work.

But yeah, you go ahead and vote on abortion rights, so babies can be killed just before they are born.  That will definitely help address the really serious problems we have in this country.


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  • Barb says:

    Well, you should have been in charge of Republican messaging! Perfectly explained. And yes, they miss the forest for the trees.

  • AnthonyD says:

    A week before the election here in Wisconsin my wife had 6 left-leaning women over for dinner. I was present for the conversation. ALL were voting for the Dem ticket because of their perception – particularly in our governor’s race – that Republicans favored a ban on ALL pregnancy terminations, even before ~12 weeks (such is the >150 law on the books in our state). Thus, I propose that Republicans (unlike you, in your post above, Mr. Roche) failed to compromise on the issue – or, worse, those candidates who WOULD have compromised (termination up to 12 weeks, or some such) failed to make the case for it. And independent and left-leaning women ranked “no pregnancy termination at any time” heavier than the nation-busting issues (inflation, crime, illegal immigration, energy independence, etc.) at the end of the day. This is how I explain Ron Johnson’s (Senator = no influence over state abortion laws) win and Tim Michels (Governor, heavy potential influence) abortion ONLY to save the mom’s life) loss.
    Combine this with the expansion of early- and mail-in voting (strongly favor Dems), Trump’s meddling, some mediocre candidates, perhaps some cheating/ballot harvesting and the ever-increasing number of low-info voters, and we conservatives have an uphill battle to success in 2024.
    My next post may be from the Cayman Islands…..

  • kurlis says:

    I agree

  • John Pinckney says:

    Maybe the “women care about abortion rights” narrative is just a cover for them stealing the election? Do these election results make any sense? People voted for the people who gave us riots, defunding police, a spate of car jackings and more crime and school lockdowns and …..Does that make sense? Color me skeptical about the integrity of this election.

  • Chris W says:

    I don’t know that abortion was the key voting issue for Dem women. Maybe it was, but in general I find that all Dems, especially younger ones, are completely ignorant about how the world works. They vote based on sound bites, what “feels” right, and without thinking. Most of us are here on your blog because we’re thinking individuals and we want to learn and make fact-based decisions. Dems…are there any here who aren’t trolls? If any are willing to learn, this is one fine place to be.

    Thanks for your ongoing work and occasional rants. This blog is part of my daily routine, and I find it therapeutic. 🙂

  • cewingard says:

    Will we ever find out who leaked the SCOTUS opinion and what political force was behind it? I agree the abortion issue rerailed the 2022 midterms.

  • David says:

    Great article and John P., my thoughts exactly!

  • Jimi says:

    I’m with John P. and David on this one. The not so silver lining of it all will be a continual decline under Democratic leadership which will result in a 2024 Republican President. Unless you no what happens. To quote Burt Prelutsky, “If liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.”

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