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Ted Lasso Ropes Me In

By November 8, 2022Commentary

I try to never watch network TV, and therefore avoid the avalanche of political ads.  I watch a lot of series from different sources.  People kept saying watch Ted Lasso, it is really funny.  So my wife and I finally got around to ponying up for AppleTV and ended up watching both seasons over the course of about a week.  (As an aside, what kind of screwed up system is it where you end up paying more to stream stuff from multiple sources than you did for cable alone?)  The series had its humorous moments, but what captivated me what the dramatic and human essence of the show.

This was Jason Sudeikis’, in a very challenging time for America, helping us all see how to be better people; how to have empathy, how to be supportive, how to engage even with difficult, at times unpleasant people.  It is a story of the common problems and feelings we all face at times.  The show’s popularity stems from its essential humanity and feel-good outlook.  How desperately do we need that now, in such a polarized, angry, bitter country.  The show was a wonderfully pleasant surprise for me; and I would hope we can have more TV like this, and less woke bullshit.

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