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By November 1, 2022Headlines

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  • guest says:

    Seems like so many tech startups in “health care” are just SaaS product offerings either trying to find a way to tap into the government/health insurance/bureaucratic hoard, or if they actually have a patient focus, they are AI-focused products that don’t provide much value – or worse, just create more noise. Maybe an overly cynical take; it would be interesting to see summary data.
    Are there any health care startups or is there a sub-set of health care startups where you do see (potential) significant value added for the patient?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I think there is some interesting stuff being done to help providers be more efficient and lower their costs. There is still some interesting opportunities in direct care provision and in care management, but I think it tends to be around in person stuff not digital or telehealth

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