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Renewable Energy Bullshit

By October 28, 2022Commentary

It is interesting that this piece comes from a Goldman Sachs analyst.  The big Wall Street investment banks have been under immense pressure to defund fossil fuel companies, which is just stupid from an energy policy and an investment perspective.  Certainly everyone, including Goldman, has lined up at the government trough to swill down renewable energy subsidies, of which there have been trillions in the US alone.  Rich people make a fortune on these subsidies, our energy gets more expensive and less reliable and new environmental harms are caused and exacerbated, like bird-killing windmills and all the hazardous waste from solar energy production.  An emerging body of research also suggests that renewable energy production may itself affect the weather, and potentially climate, in untoward ways.

The essence of the Goldman analyst comments is that we have spent (wasted to normal people, investment for whacko progressives) $3.8 trillion on renewable energy and managed to move fossil fuels from 82% to 81% of all energy production.  For $3.8 trillion we could have build enough nuclear reactors to power the whole country or world multiple times over.  But reason never prevails, so we will keep making a few rich Dems richer with renewable energy subsidies.   (GS Article)

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  • Ivan says:

    You are making the same mistake so many others do – you think it is about what they (the liberal uniparty politicians and their corporate cronies) claim it to be about. That is NEVER true. It is ALWAYS (and I do mean always) about $$$$$$$. They could care less about renewable energy or the planet or global warming/cooling/climate change/insert term of the day here. Remember, there are trillions of $$ at stake.

    What they do care about is scamming us out of lots and lots of beautiful tax dollars. So, they setup a con – a flimflam – a scam – in which they claim something is a good cause – no, a great cause – no, a world ending cause. And of course, the only way to fix it is to have the gov’t spend lots and lots of cash. And of course, that cash is spent on companies their cronies own or on non-profits setup by their relatives or associates or similar. And then some of that cash is funneled back to them. Or they buy stuff from china, who then gives them either cash or something of value to continue the destruction.

    And it works because the useful idiots they have miseducated in public schools buy the con hook, line and sinker.

  • JohnOh says:

    All the smart people who set this up are standing around right now acting surprised. The flaws have been obvious for a long time.
    And it’s all based on models. Ivan is right about useful idiots. Why would anyone set policies that dictate so many drastic changes in human behavior based on models? Models of the weather, a system with infinite number of variables. So in order to save humanity from a change in the climate that may or may not happen 50 — 100 years from now — man made or just another change in the climate like all the others over the millennia — we have to stop using fertilizer which will decrease crops, devastate the food supply and kill people right now.

  • Mike M. says:

    “we have spent … $3.8 trillion on renewable energy and managed to move fossil fuels from 82% to 81% of all energy production. ”

    Those numbers sound fishy. I think the $3.8 trillion is global but the percent of energy production is US. And in the US, production of nuclear energy has decreased, which is why fossil fuels have not.

    Yes, renewables are way over rated and reducing nuclear is foolish, as well as giving the lie to global warming as the reason for renewables. But I don’t like deliberately misleading statistics.

  • Mike M. says:

    And it looks like about 20% of that spending on “renewables” is on EV’s.

    Are conventional cars spending on fossil fuels? I think not.

  • joe Kosanda says:

    Most of the 100% renewable advocates are extremely vocal about the viability of 100% renewable electric generation. Yet they display an astonishing lack of basic science knowledge, basic engineering knowledge, and just plain basic knowledge. Virtually none of the Renewable energy scientific experts that have put together the multitude of “peer reviewed” studies that the world can be powered with 100% renewable energy have any actual industry experience – NADA! – which begs the obvious question is “how someone can be an expert in something they have never done?”

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