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Little Timmy Walz Is a Coward

By October 24, 2022Commentary

We all have seen ample evidence that the Incompetent Blowhard is just that.  His administration has screwed up everything it touches–law enforcement and education being two notable examples.  And Little Timmy tries to hide his incompetence beneath a blizzard of words, 99.9% of which are lies.  Little Timmy is also a coward and a weasel, prone to quick panic attacks.  We saw this during the riots after thug George Floyd died of a drug overdose.  Walz did nothing until it was far too late, then supported the complete undermining of law enforcement which has had the predictable consequence of criminals running free and everyone living in fear.  We saw it in the epidemic response where he did the kneejerk, lemming-like response of closing everything, everything, including schools.

Walz is afraid to show up and debate Scott Jensen.  He is outspending Jensen by at least 10 to 1, and apparently is not ahead in the race.  Why–because everyone knows he is a liar, a coward, a weasel, an angry incompetent buffoon.  He spends most of his time talking about abortion, because he has nothing else.  What is he going to talk about–no drug busts and record drug overdoses in the population?  Record decline in math and reading proficiency in our schools?  Record levels of murder and other violent crimes?  High inflation, due to his reckless spending?  Competence, when the light rail is billions over budget and years behind schedule?  Oh wait, maybe he can talk about food fraud, if he can ever get his story straight.

It isn’t surprising that Little Timmy doesn’t want to face any questions–substantively he has nothing and his character is that of a pathetic, lying coward.  Remember that when you vote.

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  • Harley says:

    I always remember the blizzard of words in March, 2019, when he described projections of 79,000 covid deaths in MN and the need for 14 days to flatten the curve. “We have a back plan, I know how to back plan, that’s how we did things in the National Guard.”

    He is a meathead, and a coward.

  • Dan says:

    The problem is Jensen is not a good candidate? Why can’t we come up with something better? I’m afraid little timmy will win for the same reason french fry won re-election in Minneapolis. He has no real competition. I’m getting tired of voting against rather then for someone good.

    • DuluthGuy says:

      Jensen isn’t a perfect candidate, but he’s not bad either. I’d argue he’s a stronger candidate than anyone we’ve put up at least since Pawlenty. Democrats have tried putting the “COVID Denier”, “Quack”, etc label on him, but the only people who believe that are hardcore lefties who aren’t going to vote for any Republican.

      Minnpost put out a poll a week or two ago showing Walz having a 5 point lead. But this was with 594 (42.0%) people polled in Minneapolis and St Paul, 224 (15.8%) in the rest of the 7 county metro not including the two cities, and 596 (42.1%) in Greater MN. I have a feeling they meant Hennepin and Ramsey Counties rather than Minneapolis and St Paul (which they explicitly said in the article), which is still oversampled but not nearly as bad as if just Mpls and St Paul. They said that Walz led by 37% in the two cities and that Jensen led by 19% in the rest of the 7 county metro and Jensen led by 14% in Greater MN. When compared to 2018, Walz won the two cities by 68.6% and the rest of the metro by 12.7% while Jeff Johnson won Greater MN by 6.9%. The biggest takeaway is the suburbs have turned drastically toward Jensen (roughly 31% turnaround) in 2022. Also notable was Walz not running up margins even close in the two cities to what he did in 2018. I’m more and more confident each day that this race is super close and Jensen absolutely can pull off a win.

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